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domestic day

Wrote a little in the morning – hung out w/ Rook and Moomin – Took Moomin to the toy store. He did not beg for anything… but would delicately remark, “Hmmm! This looks interesting! Don’t you think?” & act nonchalant. A fine strategy… I am resolving to race back and buy him a bajillion sets of “Heroscape” for christmas. Mostly just because I want to play with it.

Gardened, messed with Moomin’s “playhouse” … made him draw a card for Merlin’s birthday… he objected to my haring off after a garage sale on the way home… “I am NOT INTERESTED in a garage sale….” When we got there I went to buy some Hardy Boys books & discovered I had no cash. “Mom… sometimes you’re really a little bit funny.” *eyeroll* Then he did all his homework. !?

We all hot tubbed for a good long time. I was going to go to the BJ party – and see people – and be frolicky – But…

I walked to the movie groove to get us “Supercop” but ended up with sort of the wrong one – Supercop 2, which is really the 3rd movie – Which has good fights but is grim and unfunny. Moomin v. excited at it. There was way too much shooting and guns and stuff. I covered his eyes a few times (especially the bank vault squashing scene, and the flooding tunnel.) He did not mind all the shooting, but we minded his not minding. On the other hand, the excellent fights – that one of Michele Yeoh vs. the big IRA looking guy who’s twice her size ! Plus when she runs over the cars – you can’t beat that –

On the way home from getting the movie, ran into Squid, who gave me the robot book – I went grocery shopping with her & kids – any chance to see her really –

Finished “Summer’s Play” by G.B. Stern. Wow, it was disturbing. Yay for the old ladies with mauve umbrellas as they collected seaweed & china dogs & analyzed human nature & were a little bit dotty & ate pears and sponge cake at the wrong times of day. An excellently science fictiony not-sf book & also … the beginning fooled me a little of what kind of book it would be – I’m a sucker for that – I have certain expectations for children-with-secret-society-pretending books – and those expectations were explicitly referred to – Also neatly avoiding “love” as the answer to any mystery – or at least, love turning out a lot more of what I think of it as rather than what books usually swoon it up to be. The skiffy parts in the long flights of fancy about the Augs were just great. Oddly charming – the claustrophobic insanity of families – and the equally insane inventions to escape family insanities.


I had to go under the kitchen sink to mess with some stuff, and came out of there with insane asthma. It’s clean; there’s not a lot of things underneath – there was water damage and warping, and I paid someone to put a new shelf on the bottom – but just now I came out from underneath with the worst asthma ever. I’m faintly gasping after 2 inhaler puffs…

Rook says that he also had trouble breathing after looking for a car-washing sponge this morning.

So now I’m upset as it’s the other side of the wall from Moomin’s bed. Could this be the source of his nighttime allergies and asthma?

I think I need to call some sort of mold person… and have the wall or cabinet bottom or both torn out from the kitchen.

partial notes from Amber game

From last night:

Everyone taunts Hector on his liason with Dara.
He bristles and refuses to answer, then says that his acquaintance – close acquaintance – friendship in wich he highly esteemed Miss Sowal – had told him about the tracking device from Chaos.

Manfred suggests installing actors from Glamouria to replace the missing President Eleanor of the U.S. (which has just entered the war) and Federico and Hector.

Manfred knocks on Alexandra’s door in Rebma and argues with her about populism or something.

Janica trump calls to Alexandra about Federico’s speech, the MIllion Golem March, and all the things happening in the U.S.

Federico is talking with someone from Chaos. (Dara?)
Attack! she jumps through the trump contact
Federico’s bodyguard dies nobly! Fed. jumps through … Bill says, “Well, nothing else for it but to jump through the window and commandeer a car!

Moira: Manfred is trying to start a revolution in Rebma?
Alexandra: Well, yes…
Moira: Rebma is reasonably happy. I dare say. After all, I’ve been ruling it for 600 years.
Alexandra: well Manfred seems to have his sources. Maybe you’re not hearing anyone’s dissatisfaction.
Moira: I doubt that Manfred has sources in my underclass that I’m unaware of…
Alexandra: Wait a minute, did you just say you have an “underclass”?
Moira: Why yes. I believe it’s important to know all levels of your society if it is to be well run…

Alexandra: maybe you don’t know everyting about your realm…
Moira: it is possible that some part of Rebma may be made of oatmeal. I’ve only lived here for thousands of years.
Alexandra: You get into habits of thinking… you can’t know everything…
Moira: Yes. This is why I have spies.
Moira: Every revolution I’ve ever seen has killed a lot of innocent people. I’m not in this for the power, you know.

Madeline makes awful jokes about women, men, buoyancy, women on top, and Rebma.
Manfred talks to the leader of the MAC of the rebma army.
They flirt.
“I like the uniform”
“Thanks, i designed it myself…” *flirtily*
John: I think we can draw a curtain over the further scene…
Madeline: Okay. You debrief him.
*everyone groans*

Manfred and Moira face off. It’s hysterically funny. Moira is Not Amused. Manfred talks a bunch about constitutional monarchy, and voting, and freedom. If Hector were to be overhearing this, which he wasn’t, he would have thought Manfred is actually talking about chaos…

Janica and Hector talk with Caine and Gerard. Gerard is bluff and hearty, dumb, incurious. Caine secretly takes Janica to Corwin’s cell. Janica reveals to Caine that she’s a werewolf. Corwin has been gone from his cell for 3 days. Caine suspects Brand must be involved.

Brand is talking with Alexandra. (Is it general knowledge that she is Brand’s daughter?)

Brand wants the Jewel of Judgement….

Federico talks with his grandfather (Jirel? I did not hear most of their conversation.)

Hector gets a call from Dara (the younger) who tells him that they have an 11-year-old son, Merlin. (!) And Brand is after Merlin – and Dara the elder is planning to use him in some horrible way. Dara asks Hector to protect him in Amber. She suggests she might also need protection. (Hector demurs on this one, but is considering it.) Dara explains stuff about the Logrus, the giant serpent, and how the Jewel of Judgement is the eye of the serpent. Hector and Janica go to talk with King Eric. Hector realizes Janica is Eric’s daughter. Suddenly Dara calls Hector back, he pulls Merlin through, but then Dara jumps through and attacks Eric with a knife… She is stabbed by Janica, and Eric shoots her full of arrows as she jumps out the window, sprouts wings, and flies off.

Several of us remark on the strange incuriousness of the Amberites. They don’t have history books, and they don’t seem to have any idea of experimenting, exploring, science, etc. Janica suggests establishing a court historian, at least.

Hector feels that Eric has been strangely slack about experimenting and pushing the capabilities of the Jewel of Judgement. If *Hector* had it he would do a much better job.

My diploma came today!

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Woooo! I think Sylvester says it best: Makes me feel mighty real.

Or maybe Joan… “Never made the honor roll / Hated rules, what I was told / Now I’m almost free…”

This made me feel super good about myself today, bubbling with a happy feeling! With a little bitterness at the center that it took me so long and also that it is not (yet) a phd.

New law against the “panic” defense

The Gwen Araujo Justice for Victims Act was just signed – you can read it here: AB 1160. It prevents societal bias from being invoked as a defense. In other words, no “gay panic” or “trans panic” defense that say you just couldn’t help beating someone brutally to death because their genitals or their gayness freaked you out. It’s as if being a bigot gives you a free hand to kill the people you hate. WTF. So here’s a little bit of the law, which looks pretty good:

(c) “Bias” includes bias based upon the victim’s actual or
perceived disability, gender, nationality, race or ethnicity,
religion, or sexual orientation, or the victim’s association with a
person or group with one or more of these characteristics.
(d) It is against public policy for juries to render decisions
tainted by bias based upon the victim’s actual or perceived
disability, gender, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, or
sexual orientation, or his or her association with a person or group
with one or more of these characteristics.
(e) “Panic strategies” are those strategies that try to explain a
defendant’s actions or emotional reactions based upon the knowledge
or discovery of the fact that the victim possesses one or more of the
characteristics listed above or associates with a person or group
with one or more of the those characteristics.

I wonder what other panic strategies have been used – it’s so incredibly idiotic – And I hope that Gwen Araujo‘s murderers’ light sentences don’t stick and aren’t allowed to set a precedent. Also I just have to say how much I think it is wrong that Merel and his girlfriend got off totally free in this case.

In Memoriam

Costanoa Sept 2004
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In memory of Jo’s mom, Doris. I only met her a few times, at coffee and on holidays and at birthday parties. As my friend’s mom, though, often talked about, she existed for me as a nebulous swirl of memories and stories, a complexly loved and muddled person, beloved over time through flaws, good qualities, and intimacy. I couldn’t help knowing her, because she was so important to my friend. It was clear that Doris had a deep commitment to women’s rights, feminism, community, non-violence, and other things I believe in strongly. So, I’m glad I knew her in person as well as by proxy.

I donated a little bit in her name to a Boulder non-profit, Women’s Wilderness. I think she would have approved… she seemed like a very “instead of flowers” person.

article on co-ops

article today on co-ops at Univ. of TX – there was a photo of 21st St., some of Pearl St. and one of Arrakis…

could this be the social software I have been wanting…?

Hmmm… could some of this ning stuff be what I’ve been waiting for? I want to put my research online – history and literature and biography – using a social network structure so other people can tag and comment it up and interesting connections can develop. We should SO be able to surf history 2.0. I know it’s vile to attach that number to everything, but… kind of handy. Of course… as usual I signed up for this with vast ideas but then never developed anything. Till someone else codes it, it’s wikis and blogs for me. Actuallly I have considered just using the photos of my fabulous poets on flickr and tagging them up that way. but it would be a sad kluge compared to what it should be. There shoudl be a timeline capability so that you can step through a person’s life and see how their friend networks and who they write letters with changes over time and then follow the connections.

Hmmm- not quite it – but looks very useful – I am tired of Yahoo groups for all the new mailing lists and I seem to create one like very month for someone new who asks me to set them up a group.


I’m so fucking sad and angry… and hurt feeling… I can’t handle it tonight.

Maybe I’m pmsing on top of all those feelings? Because it’s definitely like the little bit of the snow queen’s mirror is in there. FUCK.

Codeathon in Austin

A cool thing! I love how Silona’s idea was to make it like a “lock-in” which if you didn’t grow up in the South you ‘ll have no idea what that is. I kind of don’t either but it’s what the Baptist kids did on weekends and although the God brainwashing part would have been hell for me, it always sounded like fun otherwise and with at least a tiny potential to make out with someone in the church basement.

48 Hour Codeathon

A new experiment in programming and politics ala Barcamp fashion The is gathering together a herd of programmers to create, fix and modify pre-existing tools in Drupal to focus on advocacy. We want to create modules that help join together tech experts and NPOs to better influence legislative process in a effective way.