could this be the social software I have been wanting…?

Hmmm… could some of this ning stuff be what I’ve been waiting for? I want to put my research online – history and literature and biography – using a social network structure so other people can tag and comment it up and interesting connections can develop. We should SO be able to surf history 2.0. I know it’s vile to attach that number to everything, but… kind of handy. Of course… as usual I signed up for this with vast ideas but then never developed anything. Till someone else codes it, it’s wikis and blogs for me. Actuallly I have considered just using the photos of my fabulous poets on flickr and tagging them up that way. but it would be a sad kluge compared to what it should be. There shoudl be a timeline capability so that you can step through a person’s life and see how their friend networks and who they write letters with changes over time and then follow the connections.

Hmmm- not quite it – but looks very useful – I am tired of Yahoo groups for all the new mailing lists and I seem to create one like very month for someone new who asks me to set them up a group.

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2 Responses to “could this be the social software I have been wanting…?”

  1. Denise

    I reviewed ning recently, for a work related project, and it really does have possiblities. I see they’ve just recently upgraded a wee bit more so now it looks even better than it did six months ago.
    It definitely has potential. The user base is very small right now.
    Your timeline idea, that’s excellent.

  2. blaize

    If you’re a mediawiki user you might consider trying the Easy Timeline plugin

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