domestic day

Wrote a little in the morning – hung out w/ Rook and Moomin – Took Moomin to the toy store. He did not beg for anything… but would delicately remark, “Hmmm! This looks interesting! Don’t you think?” & act nonchalant. A fine strategy… I am resolving to race back and buy him a bajillion sets of “Heroscape” for christmas. Mostly just because I want to play with it.

Gardened, messed with Moomin’s “playhouse” … made him draw a card for Merlin’s birthday… he objected to my haring off after a garage sale on the way home… “I am NOT INTERESTED in a garage sale….” When we got there I went to buy some Hardy Boys books & discovered I had no cash. “Mom… sometimes you’re really a little bit funny.” *eyeroll* Then he did all his homework. !?

We all hot tubbed for a good long time. I was going to go to the BJ party – and see people – and be frolicky – But…

I walked to the movie groove to get us “Supercop” but ended up with sort of the wrong one – Supercop 2, which is really the 3rd movie – Which has good fights but is grim and unfunny. Moomin v. excited at it. There was way too much shooting and guns and stuff. I covered his eyes a few times (especially the bank vault squashing scene, and the flooding tunnel.) He did not mind all the shooting, but we minded his not minding. On the other hand, the excellent fights – that one of Michele Yeoh vs. the big IRA looking guy who’s twice her size ! Plus when she runs over the cars – you can’t beat that –

On the way home from getting the movie, ran into Squid, who gave me the robot book – I went grocery shopping with her & kids – any chance to see her really –

Finished “Summer’s Play” by G.B. Stern. Wow, it was disturbing. Yay for the old ladies with mauve umbrellas as they collected seaweed & china dogs & analyzed human nature & were a little bit dotty & ate pears and sponge cake at the wrong times of day. An excellently science fictiony not-sf book & also … the beginning fooled me a little of what kind of book it would be – I’m a sucker for that – I have certain expectations for children-with-secret-society-pretending books – and those expectations were explicitly referred to – Also neatly avoiding “love” as the answer to any mystery – or at least, love turning out a lot more of what I think of it as rather than what books usually swoon it up to be. The skiffy parts in the long flights of fancy about the Augs were just great. Oddly charming – the claustrophobic insanity of families – and the equally insane inventions to escape family insanities.

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