My diploma came today!

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Woooo! I think Sylvester says it best: Makes me feel mighty real.

Or maybe Joan… “Never made the honor roll / Hated rules, what I was told / Now I’m almost free…”

This made me feel super good about myself today, bubbling with a happy feeling! With a little bitterness at the center that it took me so long and also that it is not (yet) a phd.

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  1. RJ Mical

    All Hail the Lizard Woman!

  2. squid

    Yay, congrats, you should scan it and make it a shirt.

  3. Stephen Newell

    If this is who I think it is, then a MUD greeting to Maya! This is Hammerfist/Justarius/Govannon. On a whim I did a Google search for AN and learned, sadly, that it has died.
    You were known as the “sexy IMM,” and if the avatar on this blog is any indication, it’s the truth. ;-)
    I have since gotten my Master’s, gotten married, and have begun raising a Chihuahua who after two months is already queen of the apartment.
    Anyhow, feel free to drop a line or drop in at the blog. I’ve missed all the old AN buddies, and it’s fantastic to see you succeeding!

  4. badgerbag

    Dude! Hammerfist! I mean, Justarius! or…
    Anyway, yes I had a blast being the Immortal Maya, Architect of the Gods… I added about 100 new “socials” and twiddled other bits of the code on there, and built a bunch of areas. The people & the culture there were really nice.
    I really loved watching people discover & play the areas I built!!!
    Also I was just reminiscing over on Aggroqueen how much fun it was to mass bless everyone on the mud and level them up while they were screaming with happiness.
    Were you in high school at the time? I thought a lot of people might be. (I was older.)

  5. Mary Tsao

    Congratulations! You are awesome and also radical and bitchen.

  6. Stephen Newell

    Actually, I was a junior in college when I discovered AN (I am now 29). Seems like a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. But it is great to finally see someone I know from AN!

  7. jlp

    Hang in there for the PhD. I thought you were a “master” from the very beginning.

  8. badgerbag

    Thanks y’all!!!
    I really appreciate it!

  9. Skye

    Belated congrats!

  10. Ralphie

    yea you!
    if miss crow could see you now…!

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