no wireless!

The hotel barely has wireless and I’m way overstimulated, and trying to liveblog this conference in a halfway non-embarrassing way where I don’t spell everyone’s names wrong.

WHEW. So hard! I’ve met a ton of new interesting writers. It’s really gratifying to meet people who remember my work from years ago from a 20 minute reading. My ears were burning for a long time today, in a good way! I was blushing for over an hour!

But also I fucked up the zine and have to withdraw th em and not distribute them and reprint them later. HELL… partly my mistake, partly not… partly just lack of sufficient editing/proofreading collaborative process. I hope I learn from this.

I heard the best thing ever today…. best story! More about this later.

I’m overwhelmed by the whole conference – as usual. Also, having fun staying with Ian who is a really nice and fabulous host!

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  1. minnie

    shoot. what happened to the zine?!!!!!

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