notes on art trail trip

breakfast – fancy!
art not challenging – botero – rene turns out to ahve seen the huge botero exhibit in rome – discussion of aesthetics – politics of aesthetics v. important – “caricature” accusation – R.’s conversation with her uncle who is aesthetically conservative/eurocentric.

tony – burning man game collaboration collage/painting We discuss Jess, the paper cutout artist – i dig tony’s project
lisa – garden – nature – swirly flowers – birds – grass- i like her paintings – poppies one in gallery`
stella monday – meditation paintings, lace and shadow and windows and ambiguity, illusion & reality, i woudl like to see more

helen caswell – excellent books – art around children and imagination – portraits and trompe d’oeil to order – slightly perturbing collect of jesus-glurge book iluustrations but all the rest of it super nice – We talked about books by nobel prize winners and the interconnections of women’s fiction in the early 20th century a bit – a conversation we could definitely have h ad more of – I gave kristin lavransdotter my highest recommendation and she said by coincidence it was a recent present from a relative and was next on her list to read.

jo so quiet, I worry a little, where is she? Hoping not anywhere too scarybad or abyss-like but instead companionable.

ep having happy fantasies of black bamboo, grapevines, a ramada over her back driveway with grapevines overhead. i pictured her tending her grapevines in peasant dress and basket on arm. she could totally apprentice herself to a vinyard and learn viniculture for real, or be a master gardener…
rik – wood engravings –
letterpress in studio, typefaces, i fondled many drawers of type, lustfully…
s. saying for her coming on this tour every year was like church, like a cathedral, to remind herself there are people who make (who can make) creativity of the spirit their priority… i agree about respect for art… value it highly – and felt touched & happy to be part of the trip…
photo under the compass rose painting & she shows her tattoo.
rik turns out also to be a cartographer. shows us old-style map v. fancy made for florida housing development. Pays the rent.
picked apples! fun!
lunch at east-west cafe – okay but not awesome – loud – no atmosphere –
fabulous browsing in CD store, good cuban music -didn’t buy anything – used clothing fancy store – toy store was my downfall as I got xmas presents for moomin. should have just bought stuff for all the cousins too – what was i thinking? they all could have had magnets.

i slept a little on the drive home. s. and r. found they knew the same small town in canada – sm1thers. who knew! what a coincidence.

i was frustrated my laptop battery had run out. i could not really hear conversation from the back seat. thought about c. a bunch, our relationship and non-relationships, and felt upset. mind chugging away unstoppably.

i’m so grateful to have amazing friends – smart & articulate & wonderful –

Home around 7, tired, coming down with a cold. Cut moomin’s hair. He read me 2 encyclopedia brown stories, one that revolved around knowing that ambergris floats, and the other which necessitated an understanding of ski wax. hahaha! Not one of the better E.B. books.

Gave Madeline a bunch of the apples, for pie…

Then i worked, wrote some more, thought about c. some more, wrote her a long angry rant which i probably won’t send but will think about harder as i consider my feelings and our history, the meaning of love and relationships and communication in general. but had to get the angry stuff out of my head where i could see it. In the depths of that, I am still capable of writing her a positive note wtih meta-analysis in support and to try to tell her to get her head together. that’s funny isn’t it? imho that is part of love. Worked on stuff for my trip, printed a bunch of things, answered email, then … finally… hot tubbed with Rook and heard a bit about his game tonight with Madeline and Bill.

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3 Responses to “notes on art trail trip”

  1. Jo

    The quiet is more a blank, staticky kind of blah. I’m fresh into this mourning thing and I can’t think of anything to talk about.

  2. Lin

    kristin lavransdotter…one of my favorite books decades ago and one that because of your post, I’m going to reread. It will be interesting to see if I fall in love with it again.

  3. badgerbag

    Oh! Lin! If you re-read it, try the new translation by Tina Nunnelly! It got a lot of enthusiastic reviews and I’m dying to buy it and read it again in this new version.

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