vile illness

Oh oh oh oh oh I’m sick again with a cold. This suckS!

Right in time for the airplane on Wednesday! So much for my superfun pre-conference sex date. Soi much for Not being sick during the conference, after last year’s ignoble ulcerous hobbling around the conference, unable to walk more than a couple of blocks, really unable to walk at all without extreme pain, doubling over & emaciated, lying on the floor in the back of the poetry readings, like some kind of huge drama queen. CRAP.

At least my panels and readings are on Fri. and Sat. so likely I’ll be better by then. I was feeling pissy about being in things at the end, because at a conference it’s better to be first & early. Then everyone knows you have something to say and aren’t boring and aren’t 20 years old, and they talk to you.

Made zine, despite the oncoming head cold.

NO BRONCHITIS PLEASE. Is it raining in Seattle? Dare I ask? Is that a dumb question? I’ve only been there twice and it didn’t rain either time.

Ecto’s spellcheck doesn’t recognize the word “pissy”. What the fuck is wrong with it?

Yelled at Moomin in Copymat while making the zine and am dying of guilt.. He is watching a movie and I’m in bed. Now to feed him, and to cook some soup maybe? Tea? Nakedjen’s nice hippie-chick tea?


I hate being sick around other people and I get a little anxious about sleeping in new places b/c of allergies and princess-and-the-pea syndrome.

I’m excited about the trip anyway!!!

For reading I have to choose between the sequel to the venom cock book and Timmi D.’s 3rd book in the series… Now which do you think I’ll choose? Or will I finish them both? Ah- in theory I could finish the venom tonight, and bring the fatter jucier book on the plane.

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2 Responses to “vile illness”

  1. wired

    Yes, it is raining, but should be better this weekend. And it’s a nice gentle rain.

  2. nakedjen

    i am sorry that i am just now reading this. i do hope you’re feeling better. did you drink my tea? because if you had just called me i would have told you that YES, drink nakedjen’s hippie tea. it will make you better!!
    i hope you have a fab conference.

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