Day 3 in New York City

It was a mostly good day. I hung out working with Quilty, and then we went to Think Cafe and hung out working and writing some more, on the good side. On the bad side, my computer is dying and I have had to use one of her extra, old-ish laptops. And then the ceiling began to leak in the cafe almost right over us and other people kept taking our bagels and coffee before we would realize they were on the counter and the counter-people were kind of pissed off and they ran out of bagels. But we got some just in time…

Then I went to the apple store in soho and my computer refused to misbehave. They zapped the PMU. And it seemed just fine. So I walked to the Cuban restaurant my airplane-buddy recommended on Prince and Elizabeth, met a cool woman who crochets hats, had awesome cuban food, and walked through the Bowery to Bluestockings while happily composing blog entries in my head. And then realized my computer didn’t work again. Walked back to apple store. It still didn’t work. DAMMIT. New logic board $280 bucks plus I need to back up the computer.

Then to WWB reading whicih was interesting – I bought the book. But I was caught in the rain. And then had my 3rd and hugest asthma attack of the day. Was rescued in the bathroom of Labyrinth books by Sue, an angel with an inhaler, who brought me tea and unusual kindness. People do not like to see illness or disability, including asthma attacks. It bothers them. Dinner with karen and her friend, who was super nice… Then back, hurting, knee blowing out, limping by now, super sucky, will I last out the trip with the ability to walk? I hope so. I am in love with the subway, as an able person. As a not so able one I will not have fun in New York.

Now v. upset about mailng list being jerks about transwomen, it is unbelievably disappointing and someone on there wrote me privately in a way that was just painful. there are many things disappointing about 70s feminism such as white feminst being racist and the whole lavender menace thing and then the sex wars, and so it is just nasty and upsetting to see this kind of thing rear its head in my home turf where i did not expect anyone would be like that at least not quite so meanly and thoughtlessly and in public. you come to expect people to be sane and to acknowledge their own shit, if they have it and can’t help it, like being brought up with prejudices they can’t get over. Unfortunately the dont’ see it that way. I don’t understand this at all.

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4 Responses to “Day 3 in New York City”

  1. qp

    come to tekserve! we fix computers and we’re way cuter than the apple store! plus I work here!

  2. badger

    wait, you live in nyc??? i thought you were somehwere else!? call me!

  3. qp

    heeee! I emailed you at two addresses; I don’t know which you’re checking while you’re here.

  4. Koan Bremner

    Some feminists dissing transwomen – now, *there’s* a novelty…

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