In NYC; a bit on Orhan Pamuk and Point of Honour’s sequel

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Finally made it to NYC. I shared a taxi with the super nice guy who was sitting next to me on the plane. Wondered why gay men have their own accent, but lesbians don’t. How come? It seems unfair. He’s a very sweet interior decorator from TX & Chicago and now New York. There’s something about people from Texas that I really love… Anyway, Oilrig, my taxi friend, told me the fascinating story of how his best friends in high school in Abeleine eventually got married and had a kid but now 14 years later the guy just confessed he’s been in love with Oilrig ever since they first met and it’s destroying his life and he has to leave his marriage. But he and his wife (Oilrig is best friends with both of them) are already separated… High drama… Aaaaaa! I told him some good juicy drama in return.

I freaked out about being on Bleeker Street and now have that sappy song stuck in my head.

Quilty made me squash with butter and cinnamon and gave me a subway map, apartment key, drew me a map of cafes and subway stops within 4 block area, and had scrubbed the bathtub for me. I feel so loved, and she was so very hostly… here in her bachelor pad.

I’m on Sivacracy‘s wireless – he lives across the hall and I’m poaching. Tomorrow, a little walking around and then subway to Columbia where I’ll hit the library…

I’m definitely feeling a happy excited spazziness at being in the middle of such density of STUFF and restaurants and … just everything.

On the plane I finally started reading My Name is Red, and am extra spazzy because it was SO GREAT. I will be raving about this book for months. It makes Borges look like a drooling idiot doodling in the margins of a piece of construction paper. Okay, maybe not quite… I just wanted to say that because it popped into my head and made me laugh – and because I get annoyed at everyting being compared to Borges – when you see on a book jacket that something is “like Borges”, even if it is or maybe especially if it is, then you know the book will be first-class annoying wankery. But this fantastic. The only reason you would compare it to Borges is to say that it’s more intricate… and better, and beyond. (As it should be – that’s my stance on time and miniatures…) By page 10 I was freaking out and re-reading and taking notes and by page 20 or 30 I could see the structure and what was happening. It’s so tight, so interlocked, so beautiful in many directions at once. The tensions and interrelationships between the characters, the mystery-ness of the plot, the love stories, and then on top of that the nested stories and fables about art, signature, style. Oh man, as soon as I started hitting the parts where people talk about style and identity, I was in love. I should have listened to Gohar years ago when she told me very fiercely that I needed to read this book & how fucking awesome Pamuk is.

I also finished the 2nd Sarah Tolerance novel by Madeleine Robins, on the plane… It was just as good as the first one, candy-like, satisfying, good and twisty. She writes excellent fight scenes and I like the heroine, the whores, the grittiness, the cop procedure/legal details, and the alternate history aspects, especially the way that fallen women change their names. When it came down to the crucial moral decision of the book, I could see it coming, but I really didn’t know what would happen and which way the protagonist would go and how she’d think about it. So I was riveted all the way up to the end.

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  1. kevin

    re: the lesbian accent
    Oh come on badger… You’ve never noticed the accent?
    Perhaps it is something like when people who live all their life in Texas don’t notice they have a Texas accent?
    Perhaps there is some sort of Leberlitz language school? I would suspect this would be a helpful skill for you to develop.

  2. badgerbag

    Hmmm… could it be? Is it a sort of studious, slightly nasal, non-girly nerdiness that makes the accent of the cosmopolitain lesbonic?
    You’re just teasing me, right?

  3. Ann Bartow

    So YOU were the one slowing down the blog :>)

  4. kevin

    > Hmmm… could it be? Is it a sort of studious, slightly nasal, non-girly nerdiness that makes the accent of the cosmopolitain lesbonic?
    > You’re just teasing me, right?
    a little bit, but I do think there is a detectable accent. not a 100% but definitely noticable sometimes. 😉

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