Morning in NY

I got up and walked all over Washington Square, immediately getting lost on my way to look for the Think Cafe. Somehow, I ended up exactly where I started from as I circled around the east side of the park. It was a nice getting lost. Passed & looked at an art exhibit at NYU of Katrina/New Orleans paintings & photos. Ended up at the Bruno Cafe where I had a good cappucino and prune hamentaschen… The croissants were not as good as Quilty SAID they were. (I’m spoiled from that one place on Cole in SF with the best chocolate croissants.) I felt pleasantly anonymous; no one spoke to me or even really looked at me. Off to the subway – I found Christopher St. with no problem and went into the tiny triangular park and nearly fell over to see the same exact white statues as I see all the time at Stanford. I’ve seen those things at Stanford and never gone right up to them so I had no idea they were all about Gay Liberation. Cool. I like them better now that I know that.

Into the subway – admiring the tile mosaics – Quilty gave me her Metrocard – Took photo of the plaque for “the bohemians”, another mosaic I didnt’ have time to snapshot before the train came. On the subway car, some dudes got on and sang us “Oh Mary Don’t You Weep” in classic barbershop quartet style. I gave them a dollar, but everyone else ignored them. Their singing was beautiful… Next to me, people were holding or reading:

- The Lunatic by Winkler
- The Optimist’s Daughter – Eudora Welty
- a Chinese newspaper
- a New York Times
- Notes from the Underground
- a complicated looking musical score
- a box of stuff from a bakery
- a clear plastic envelope with some stuff in it, marked “Biohazard”
- a notebook filled with tiny handwriting repeating “Om Sri Sa Ram” or something like that

Butler library rocks. I like the mural by Eugene Savage at the entrance, and the explanation next to it. They have a cafe and a Lounge, and free wireless. I’m putting together my plan of attack on the 1900-ish spanish language anthologies, armed with copy card. See you on the 5th floor of the stacks in the PQs, and the 10th in the 800s. As usual in the library, I’m flying colors (today, rainbow flag in back left pocket) hoping for that perfect porn story moment to occur, well, not really, but it makes me feel cheerful and giggly anyway so I always do it.

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2 Responses to “Morning in NY”

  1. Denise

    The gay liberation statue park is one of my favorite parks in NYC – the people watching is fabulous because it’s not nearly as crowded usually as some of the other parks. Ah I want to go to NYC, it’s been far too long. Darn it.
    Have FUN! and go back to the park and pat a statue for me, please!

  2. Ralphie

    theres a place on cole and waller that i love, that the place?

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