The ham-handed Bulgarian strikes again

This time, the luck of the draw stuck me with the brutal Bulgarian doctor in the pool of available doctors who always have open appointments at the last minute because they’re INSANE.

“I don’t hear any wheezing. Do you take any medicine today? You are not sick.”

“Yes… cold meds, Advil, and albuterol inhaler… “


“Well, I’m sure I shouldn’t, they’re bad for your stomach, but… I was feeling really sick and feverish, and my chest hurt, and I had to be able to keep going with my day.”

“You should never keep Advil in the house. “


“It’s poison. If you take it with virus, you can get rare syndrome. Like aspirin and children.”

“You mean Reyes Syndrome? And aspirin? But this is ibuprofen and I’m an adult.”

“It kills all your red blood cells. I know. I have children and I have trained them. And they don’t allow ibuprofen in their house for their children.”

What in hell is she talking about? I’m googling it and can’t find anything of the sort. Oh!!! Tinfoil hat doctor! At least you gave me the antibiotics damn quick.

2 Responses to “The ham-handed Bulgarian strikes again”

  1. toobeaut

    WTF! We take ibuprofen very seriously at our house. Couldn’t get by without it. Nothing else works as well with inflammation.

  2. Pretty Lady

    This doctor is totally insane. I prescribe ibuprofen, for pity’s sake. It helped me get functional after several years of chronic tendonitis.

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