You’re doing your piecework too fast

I gotta slow down! Tomorrow, a leisurely morning. I have to write up all my notes, I’m hoping in pajamas… but first coffee must be poured down my gullet. Can i teleport a double latte here from think cafe? Or just go in my flannel plaid pjs & boots and pretend its “the return of grunge”?

writeup of yesterday and today, should be fun to do, and exhilarating, and a relief b/c i like to consolidate my thoughts before i forget them all, as happens if I don’t write things down immediately.

poety translatory talk thing was good. v. stimulating. much better than last night’s . last night good writing but bad reading of the writing and sort of an unfriendly scene, i felt.

the botero paintings were intense – i’ve said that before –

I feel all churned up and perturbed and unsettled. i think really what i need is to chase the shadow of an enormous poem. a small group fitting togehtter. i can see its shape or the shape of its shadow. city things but also i have the urge to write a poem to herculon. think over my lifetime how many tears i have wept into herculon. it is very comforting aganst the cheek. at this particular homesick moment in the big city with construction and honking and yelling 13 stories below I would like to cozy into this 70s-colored herculon couch and have a good cry for no reason, and tomorrow, pancakes.

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