Nice things that happened this week

I did a lot of complaining about the head injury and my jaw, so here are some of the nice things from this week:

– Moomin’s whale dance and all the dances in that performance

– Moomin drawing a cool complicated picture and enjoying it, instead of staring at the page and complaining that he doesn’t know how and that he wishes he could draw comic books

– Good long talk w/ Rook

– Hanging out with my sister

– Hanging with Jo while I wrote and she drew and the kids played nicely

– Went out to see The Fountain and liked it a lot despite cheesiness and some ugly racism and colonialism and general tormented-genius-white-guy-problems focus

– messing with my wiki install and structure, and discovering the wikichix

– Playing pinball with Shanana and singing punk rock songs at the top of our lungs in a bar – playing air hockey and galaga

– reading a book with the squirm-worthy title “When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit” and realizing it was fantastic

– Moomin’s different hip-hop dances that he made up to “Spiderman”, “Underdog”, and “He’s the Greatest Dancer”

– Getting Caraja’s novel draft over email and printing it out and feeling all excited

– last but not least getting email from the author I’m translating!!! with friendly permission to publish!

3 Responses to “Nice things that happened this week”

  1. Emma

    Aww. Glad someone had a good week.

  2. elswhere

    Great book!
    If you’re on a kids’ Holocaust books kick, “The Upstairs Room” is pretty good too.
    Newer good ones: Yellow Star, by Jennifer Roy, and Hanna’s Suitcase (nonfic) by…oh, I forget who. It’s amazingly good, though.

  3. elswhere

    My favorite thing about the pink rabbit book is how she keeps thinking that to be famous or great she has to have had a difficult childhood, and she doesn’t think hers is difficult enough. And she’s a *refugee*.
    The two new ones above are much heavier, btw.

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