Macworld brain dump, Monday

My badge/ pass thing got messed up but my cousin-in-law fixed it and then accidentally (? or punk girl solidarity?) got a much nicer access level than seemed possible. (He had told me it would be a full conference pass but then, not, and he had missed a deadline… and then it was in Rook’s name anyway for completely inexplicable reasons…. and then it was even more messed up and he knew that but did not tell me during our several phone calls this morning… and then he tried to say that he figured he could come wiht me and get me into whatever room i wanted to be in, but that would SO OBVIOUSLY not work and plus be extra humiliating. And a badgerian nostril-flaring ice-freeze of extreme wrath overcame me. All’s well that ends well, though. Poor cousin! I think I made him almost faint from stress when I chewed him out. On the other hand I have made him dinner and put him up on trips for many years in a very sweet, earthmama, mom-like, familyish, head-patting way, which he seems to like, and which does not come naturally to me, so the least he could do is respect me on some professional level… I do the headpatting sincerely because he seems to need it. Grrrrrr. Backfired. Now I am “girly” and not a real tech person? Or is my back just up, unreasonably? It just about killed me to have to explain to multiple official looking people that the registration was in my *husband*’s name for no good reason. Despite the phone, email, and in person conversations we had about how Rook has NO interest in going and I am the conference-going and -speaking one around here. Ugh! And then it wasn’t in Rook’s name anyway. Or in mine.)

Well …! Never again! Let’s just move on from that, shall we?

Old bearded dudes at door of session room: “Hey! I think something happened to your hair!” (jocular old-guy flirting/shit slinging/testing/hostility-challenge in growly cigarette-damaged voice)

Me: *leaning forward intensely, stage whisper* NEVER… never…. get drunk with a lesbian biker gang. This is what happens. You wake up all sticky and with purple hair.

Old bearded dudes: *swooning, heart attacks, har-haring, magic acceptance into their club*

Why do I do it! I can’t resist… it is too provoking… and then I always trash talk right back at them and up the ante. It is a no-win strategy in the long run and just encourages guys’ idiotic behavior. But at least it defuses immediate situational tension sometimes.

Chatted later with a super nice, shy-ish, smiley graphic designer from Kansas City.

To the sessions!

Power tools sessions, Monday afternoon

Cruised into part of an Adobe CS talk. Lecture on OpenType fonts – compatible/portable cross platform – bigger character set – better languages support – much better east asian language support – “glyph” command to show all characters in the font –

This is too easy/boring –

I need a much crunchier denser panel to get my new-information fix.

Applescript session – Sal Soghoian

image flipping, padding, scaling (!), other nifty little scripts to manipulate images.

Okay this is cool and i could do it easily. Or write tiny applications to do stuff that I commonly do to images . Hmmm!

Batch processing … “repeat” command… Hmm this all looks super easy and nifty, why have I never gotten into applescript before!? Okay I must go to the Applescript studio session tomorrow afternoon!!! I’m all inspired and want to tinker around with this stuff! I could build cute little custom applications…. inexplicable greed… Surely there is some kind of “applescript cookbook”. (I loved, loved, loved the Perl Cookbook; it made so much sense as a way to learn.)

Hmmm i could make a tiny app to process a bunch of stuff and email it to my blog, maybe a group of little thumbnails- that could be cool. not to mention “email to mom”. Thinking of what SuperT. just asked me for – a sort of easy family newsletter setup (i told her to use vox) But one could drag photos and music to some applescript-created droplet and accomplish what i think she wants to do.

It looks like you could write a custom flickr uploader in like 2 hours…. or something to make a superass fast thing to generate a set of web pages.

Making subroutines with “on”… This guy is a good teacher – I love to watch people programming when they think and explain as they go – it is the best way to learn to watch someone else’s process, especially when they make a bit of a mistake and then recover from it.

This is the way to teach a class – just write a simple program right there – and debug it – It demystifies the process.

Making “droplets” – save as application –

Okay I have to run- the child care clock just ticked to “haul ass home”

**** Home ****

Pondering why people come to such conferences. I am in it to learn stuff and get a little inspiration & ideas – and to meet people – and was thinking that with a particular blogging/writing job that it could be helpful as well – But I know mostly it is people who must learn a particular thing i.e. one’s boss suddenly tells one that we are going to use X platform/software or set up a giant computer lab and now one must suddenly learn that platform and software, pronto, so, here’s a plane ticket and go to this conference or set of classes and magically get up to speed, so there is often some sweating and panic involved. At least that is what I’ve seen in the past! This seems less of a kick ideas around conference like SXSWi and more of a professional schmoozefest + “now we experts teach you stuff” conference.

Well, I’ll see tomorrow. I heard that people will be showing up at 3am and sleeping on the sidewalk to line up to hear Steve Jobs talk, which seems kind of insane, since it will be recorded and broadcast surely? I have zero desire to touch the hem of Steve’s garment in person! I’ll go to a cafe and work on stuff until 11am, instead! I have another grant to write.

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