My day underneath the drooling at gadgets

It was a long amazing day – after coffee, making Moomin’s lunch, a bit of email checking, I went off to R1tual Roasters in SF, intending to do some blogging and then call Z. but he was already there. About 8 million digressions-all-at-once later, which was extremely pleasant – I love talking with people who are enthusiastic and intuitive and who talk a lot and don’t mind mutual interruptiness – I can’t even remember all the details but we talked about baroqueness, community, spaces between where stuff happens, games that don’t make sense but that are fun to play, role-playing games, narrative theory, research, more about nonsense, and open source software, and other things, but I am the soul of discretion so I will not mention them. I suggested a debutante ball and hazing party. Though I’m debutante-predator and hazing-master enough for anyone new to town. Can’t remember the last time I had such nice instant conversational chemistry with someone… I wonder how long we could talk in a marathon conversation without running out of things to say? Then off to Macworld where people seemed drained of all soul and spirit after the mass hypnosis and catharsis of seeing Steve Jobs in the flesh; like the aftermath of a rock concert but without actual drugs or beer. (iBeer? iBong?) On camera suddenly I said ditzy things for the hell of it; had no opinion on the iphone but said that i’d buy it, it looked nifty. (And I would if it were maybe $250 which is what i heard it was, but not for double that, which is what it actually is.) I swept through the entire exhibit hall looking at everything – talking to random people – continuing to want to buy the Circus Ponies software – fighting the urge to do it right away – And blogged a bit in the blogger lounge, which was a good idea,…. talked to Max / Myriam who I know from Sf lit stuff and from mailing lists and LJ – she has a new tech / gadget mobile blog, tnkgrl Mobile. LL found me in there and we bounced off. I bounce – she sort of slinks and ferrets and pops up here and there – unexpectedly – like a sea monster or a secret agent – It is charming. We looked at the space thing and ran around some more and then went off to lunch. She tried to take me to Empress of China, a restaurant on the 6th (and top) floor of a building that started out with 2 floors of Chinese department store. You have to (or, we did because it is her habit to go underground and pop up again, as noted above) But they were closed for the interlude between lunch and dinner. Lunch at uninspired but okay pho place nearby; talked about maps and manifolds and software and mailing lists and conferences and the conference and lord knows what all I went on about, blog stuff, blogher, sxsw, my own projects, because I had had a lot of very strong coffee. But I felt magically entertaining. She then took me to a secret public-accessible rooftop garden that you get to by going through a fancy mall. ON the roof we began to inhabit an extended flight of fancy about What Would Secret Agents Do, or what would happen in a game or a comic book or an action movie; which roofs to jump off of with a parachute or where the helicopter would land, grappling hooks, telescoping poles, squads of incompetent CIA agents and police and army guys who never look up. I began to wonder for the 2nd time today whether I was on a date. We exited the mysterious rooftop through the Ralph Lauren furniture store which was ridiculously fancy and then turned into a sort of under-building tunnel and clothing store and stairs going up; room after room; I couldn’t stop giggling and then we popped up again on another street. Fun! I became exhausted though and my knees all hurty. Hot chocolate – resting – more mild conferencyness – Then had sushi with Caraja – And then home – where Rook is messing with a script he wrote to interpret the motion sensor on his laptop – and also planning out stuff for his rpg coming up (Macho Women with Guns).


In between all that I had another bazillion ideas and thoughts which seemed of great importance at the time.

I am still obsessed with that space software and how they should really really write an open API for it or at least license it to some decent gaming company which would do that; then people would write space wars games, and natural disasters and asteroids crashing into planets and terraforming and economic games about mining the asteroid belt; and would build (LL’s idea here but then mine too) imaginary SF planetscapes and universes, so we would get Ringworld and Trantor and such, so you could fly through them and build more cool as shit stuff, or go visit Burroughs’ Mars or all the other Marses ever created, because you KNOW people would come and build it. I told all this to the CEO-looking guy and the guy who wrote the app. Free ideas! They should give me a copy of it and then squirrel off and follow my orders; thanks, dudes! You’ll thank me for it when you sell the whole deal to some space mmorpg and become zillionaires. All I will have is the glory of having thought of it and blogged it first, like when I invented the blue-footed boobies tshirt, and hats with ears.

Horrors, we thought of the ads on the moon… 5 bucks a month, buy an ad on Trantor…?

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