In class today

I rambled a bit ineffectually about revision. Exercises. No time to trade papers and try to critique or workshop. Process exercise review of topics. I felt like I lectured boringly today and was a little mean about “look it up in the book!”. But on the other hand, they almost all raised their hands and said they felt confident they could write this paper.

I haven’t thought of paper #3 yet. I suppose a compare and contrast. Then we launch straight into the research paper, which I haven’t the faintest clue how to teach. I’ll swipe a lot from JM’s material. We’ll do “argumentation” in the computer lab. Arguing on the net disinhibits people…well, some people.

I thought of switching my realname blog over to a new name – I could use “integry” since I like the idea and no one else has it – while “composite” is used everywhere and I couldn’t get any good domains for it.

My goal tonight is to be in bed reading and ready to sleep by 10:30. All my bright sparky ideas, drained and sapped. I could be organizing papers and going through school stuff, instead of trying to force myself to blog something intelligent.

The class is still lovely but I think too exhausting and I’ll be glad when it’s done. I won’t miss the brutal commute.

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  1. JM

    This was the last thing I read before I fell back into a medicine-induced haze of sleep, and I immediately had some weird dream about you and all the characters you discuss on your blog — which is weird because I’ve only ever met you and not those characters, and they showed up relatively 3D in my dream. Anyway, there was some plot to take over the word, and your band of people was leading the charge. There was also a dragon involved, not sure how. It was really messed up, but somehow completely plausible. Good job with the subconscious mindfuck. I really appreciate it! :)

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