Loop the loop

Northwest Houston is completely freakazoidal. New housing developments, as always, have sprung up in cow fields, as they do every time I visit and come back in 6 months. Shacks and mobile homes, cow fields, strip malls, scary churches, billboards littering up the scraggly-pine ditches.

Moomin is showing me his new cars. Blackjack, Devil, Green Flame, Nightflame, Ice-olate, & Waterwing are racing down their cheesy plastic hot wheels racetrack propped up by Winston Churchill’s diaries. Those diaries have seen a lot of action. The two wooden snakes I got him have not been named yet, though there was discussion in the car of possibilities: Snakey, Writhey, Rattler, Slithery. Then I explained about SXSWi and my dad made up great sarcastic internet buzzwords. Anything I said, he was all like, “Oh yeah? Well, but does it have globally Web 2.0 dynamic activation socially proactive blogging mashups?” Which was making my mom scream.

Now I’m eating slabs of sharp parmesan and provolone while my mom cooks chicken cutlets and my dad makes plátanos and black beans. Moomin’s reading a comic book. Naturally, I dive into my computer. I’m no help in the kitchen.

Me: Arrrgh. So what’s your wireless network name?
Dad: What? The…
Me: (louder, slower) Your WIRELESS NAME. The name of your network.
Dad: The name of the wireless network.
Me: Yes. Okay, it’s okay, nevermind, just, if you knew, that would be handy.
Dad: I don’t know that it has a name.
Me: Yeah it has a name.
Mom: Oh! Should we name it? How about “Netty” or “Wirelessy”. “Computery”.
Me: Hahahah! “Wireflame”.
Dad: It might be, “Wireless 209”
Me: Ah. Yup. So is your password (petname)? Or is it the (childhood-fictional-kingdom) one?
Dad: *bridling* It might be.
Me: Nope… hmmm.
Dad: It might be XXXX.
Me: Oh cool, now I know your ATM card password too.
Dad: It isn’t!
Me: Just kidding!

My family’s so awesome!

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3 Responses to “Loop the loop”

  1. Alan Bostick

    Tell me the name of your wireless network?
    The name of your wireless network?
    What is the name of my wireless network.
    That’s what I’m asking you! The name of your wireless network is what?

  2. RJ Mical

    i never told you my secret. come torture it out of me some time…

  3. Nothingman

    We like your hair man….awesome color….which blue is it? permanent?
    We want!!

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