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My students are writing for 10 minutes and are about to write for another 40 minutes on a practice exam. So while they’re doing that I might cheat a little on the focus on this class and instead get down the myriad ideas I had this morning during the hour drive to get to school! These are all blog posts that I think of when I wake up, while I’m going to sleep, and while I’m driving, and then I forget to write when I do sit down to write. They are all long rambly yet substantial thought chains that I want to dive into and get out of my head and onto paper.

– dance dance dance songs, celebration, skepticism of uselessness, fun, etc. and how i came to appreciate the point of fun (it didn’t come naturally)

– how lovely it was just the other night when selene gave me her magnetic bracelet (I’m wearing it now!) Other such moments that i find touching and that i value highly

– wiki rpg metaphor and approaches to collaborative writing. party of adventurers

– celia cruz “yo vivire” vs. i will survive. interesting politics and translation and rewrite of a poem/song

– why i love complex books, with examples. they demand a complex response if you’re going to read them at all.

– the song “unconditional” and thoughts on love and religion and people’s motivations and the evolution of my perception of that stuff

– another song, a gospel song called “Pray” I think, and a Very Small Epiphany

– the song “They ” and its lyrics, political and personal, rereadings and relistenings and context. There is a lot about music here, isn’t there! It’s because I think so hard while driving, and now have a car stereo and a commute.

– open source movement and authenticity

– marxist feminist analysis, process, feminist mvments, techie industries, stuff to learn. would love to write an essay about tyranny of structurelessness and wikis and attention streams.

– reversed maslow’s hierarchy

– the moment when i realized the point of “hanging out” and small talk (another VSE with a funny specific moment) this in relation to attn streams. my lingering (and i think good) impatience with it and love of production and making and doing. tension there.

– really get it out there about the fucking Cold Equations. WTF man.

– More thoughts on ancient light. WOW. Oh man. Fabulous. grabbing of everyone by the lapels and forcing them to read it.

Now, back to class and I’ll put some of my handouts up on the class web site a nd do some outlining on there too.

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