too tired to blog

I had a great day, somewhat bleary-minded breakfast at Las Manitas where I ran into lots of people, walking up Barton Creek and sunbathing and dipping into the swimming hole with S.D., registered for the conference, sat and talked intensely with Virginia, Sarah, Shannon C. for a while, then the “Rawk” panel, (where I think they were drinking a lot of whiskey before and during!), blushed up to the ears when T. cited my twitter, thought it was neat that i had input into the panel *during the panel* yet obliquely, i.e. without having to raise my hand and say anything; dinner with jory and a. and elisa & others; then the fabulous blogher party where I met a gazillion people and reconnected with people from last year. fun conv. with tracy who I met at Stanford Barcamp and Erica from metblog minneapolis – we talked about fiction blogging panel & about metblogs & about local wikis and neighborhood-level blogs and wikis – not just city-level – and she *knew all about plain layne and had been in it at the time, whoa*. And other erica O. from librarian avengersTalked with Dawn F. about work stuff. Talked with metrokitty, & with someone who *actually was part of the lavender menace protest omg* do you realize how strangely thrilling that was! (and she also was a founder of Ol1via Records and was in the DC Furies!) and kaliya and some cafe mom folks and lauren from austin metblogs and jeanne gomoll’s sister who has a company that does chatrooms with browsing, and briefly met Gina T, and and and and. Flirted. Talked. Goofed around. Took tons of somewhat bad snapshots. But surely in there, a nice one or 2 will surface. At least 70 people showed up – I did a count at some point and got 60, but then people came & went and new batches kept coming. Help! Tired. I did not take good notes and I am afraid I’ll forget people and conversations. Everyone gushed over moo cards. It is impossible to get a cab. I was super happy that the Blogher party was so much fun and that so many people came and that it was a great space to talk with people, not too loud, very relaxing or as relaxing as it can be to be On and talk with so many exciting people.

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