Whirlwind of unblogged

This weekend – Worked, graded papers, did lesson plans, went to tiny cute wild thing Ada’s party, had our Spirit of the Century/Firefly game, Minnie’s baby shower and fancy tea party, my mom came into town, Octavia Butler reading at the Starry Plough which was fantastic and needs to be blogged up in detail,ggp was fantastic and i laughed SO hard at the jokes and the language mixyuppyness so fluently done, fluidly, and the censorship bits with the radio channel flipping efffect; nice dinner with Caraja and with people I had just met which I always love, and Debbie’s afterparty. That was the weekend! Monday I taught and was having a bit of a meltdown, what a surprise. I was going to meet xyzzy feeling somewhat stressed about leaving town while things felt so… I dunno… Tried to nap but then ended up sort of halfassedly working but not feeling that I was accomplishing anything. So in desperation, I blogged instead of napping, which HELPED. I got all calm and centered and felt like myself again.

Xyzzy declared it was Relax the Badger day and told me firmly to shut up and he would come here or I would come there. I hung out in Ritual for a bit, feeling soothing waves of blogginess wash over me, and wrote most of a whole nother giant-ass blog post that didn’t reach huge heights of thought and synthesis as I like to best, but that did pull my mind together. WHEW. Then for the “Relax the Badger” campaign which was fancy dinner, mojitos, and massage. Hello sailor! Xyzzy has the magic touch with the foot massaging. I mean, he was almost as good as Rook on a good day, and Rook has been attentively given me foot rubs through 3 pregnancies, two miscarriages and 9 years. A) I hurt all over most of the time. Any massaging is good as long as it’s not too poky and hurts me worse. B) After years of housewife and mom-ness and taking care of other people it is extra savory to have the feeling of being taken care of myself, physically, without paying someone at a day spa to do it. I collapsed into a tiny mewling puddle. We showed each other ridiculous things on our computers and talked endlessly about work politics and strategies and social software and the magicness of Twitter. There might have been some feminist lessons in the middle there, I forget. And I felt a guilty little pang as I downloaded the eclipse perl ide. “No! I stick to vi! Vim!” “Well yes. I can use my same four commands in emacs as well.” “Yeah I might only really remember those 5 commands but you can use it anywhere and people realize that you’re like old school because you’re in bash or whatever!” “Oh blow the shell, try it and the step by step debugging will convince you and you’ll never go back. ” “Noooo you are the voice of evil! An IDE is too girly! Hulk vim! You should see Rook in emacs!” “Shut up and download it.” During all this the massaging continued. The Relax the Badger campaign was successful. We did not suddenly develop fascinating social software applications together. The gentle thwip of macbook magnets clasping shut, laptops shoved aside & then the nerdy clink of eyeglasses interlocking and falling off into the cracks between couch cushions. Very romantic.

For this next week I’ll miss life here, miss dates like that, will miss Rook and Moomin so much I already can’t stand it…

On the other hand I’m totally looking forward to cruising this conference and having a lot of fun.

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  1. Political.Asylum

    The Sarcastic Idiocy Forum reminds you that Barbaro died for your sins.

  2. RJ Mical

    ps – emacs rulez! vi suxxor

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