Working on the weekend

There’s no help for it, I have to work all day and probably a bunch tomorrow. All the papers for the course need organizing; I have stuff to hand back that I could alphabetize together; I need to plan the whole rest of the semester out roughly and the next couple of weeks carefully including handouts, reading, and exercises. At the moment it seems very dreary.

I’ll take a break at lunch to do some gardening. There are fungi growing in the front yard, weird slimy things that exploded into other things that look like red nets and that stink like dogshit and roadkill & that attract flies. They are very strange. Ah! Here, I found it online. There was one in the yard last year, and now it’s spread: Red Cage Fungus. Death to Clathrus ruber! It smells bad! Swarms with flies! Like a smelly blood-red slimy wiffle ball! Gross! It exudes a slimy glebus! Bah.

Last night and this morning I read Inkheart instead of writing, and enjoyed it a lot. I wanted Elinor to kick a little more ass. What is it with this whole category of book – very meta – this and The Great Good Thing. Well, I like them!

Technical annoyances: the UI on the Razor phone sucks, sucks, sucks. Also, search in Thunderbird: it searches oldest first, so if I’m looking for something that came within the last few days, it takes a year for it to chug through the thousands of messages starting in like 2003 until it gets up to this week and finds the one I want. I could wish for an advanced search!

Tonight will drop Moomin with his friend Dragonboy, and then go see The Host, which might be too scary for me, but which from the reviews and trailer might not be & looks good & intense. If it’s a good story I won’t mind scary bits so much. If it’s like a U.S. horror/slasher movie, all about normalizing the ritual sexualization of women’s fear, which is so different and so much more awful than the violence and fear of Pan’s Labyrinth, then I won’t watch it and will walk out. I can’t bear to see even the soft-core horror crap on prime time TV much less the sort of thing that goes in movie previews, much less the actual movies! But The Host looks and sounds different – intense and disturbing but in a way I would find meaningful.

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