Feeling hopeful on steroids

I feel pretty decent today! Leg more like tingly and wobbly, but not so much pain! I can walk around a bit without crutches, better than yesterday, way better. And I sat up, had pancakes at the cafe, (gingerly, leaning back in chair not forward over table, dripping syrup on my shirt) and went to physical therapy. An hour of down time, stretching, heating pad and then I sat up and worked a bit, and felt human.

Maybe this is the steroids kicking in.

I still can’t bend over. I went to try to get something off the floor and it was like when giraffes bend over to drink. I braced myself in 3 places, splayed out giraffe-style, reached delicately forward with a giraffe-hand, and with great care, attempted to bridge infinity by bending my knees.

It’s very hard to get up and down from chairs. Hurts! I fall in, I heave myself out with arm power, gripping for dear life.

Last night was seriously the dark night of the fucking soul with the pain. So I’m extra happy to be reprieved today! So far!

The physical therapist was happy that my exercises are better, leg a bit more stable.

Caution! Do not make assumptions! Do not overdo it! Go back to bed! Don’t get too cocky! Steroids create exclamation points! Plus, I can breathe out of my nose and my little-bit-of-constant-asthma is totally gone so I’m *high on oxygen*.

Oh well, serious pain started around 3:30 or 4. To bed. Up to eat pho ga. Then, just ow. Had to drag my leg again. Muscle spasms so far up my back I couldn’t take a deep breath. Hard to be that way in front of C. Also, if you can’t take a deep breath, it’s a bad idea to cry. Muscle relaxants taken at 8:30. It was a nice day while it lasted.

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4 Responses to “Feeling hopeful on steroids”

  1. SJ

    Oh, man. I just got caught up on you, now that I’m out of my own dumb busyness. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this.

  2. Jo

    Yay! You’re feeling better!

  3. Debbie

    Thinking of you …

  4. cher

    I would be visiting and helping out if I weren’t also laid out right now.
    Sending good mojo/vibes/juju.

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