happy at wiscon

Well I really felt the joy of Wiscon tonight at the awards ceremony and talking with everyone and just feeling really close to Quilter and my friends and non-alienated in some crucial way. And sat with Rook who was stunningly handsome and gorgeous in his tux and who massaged my leg. Me and A. and Quilter blogged some of it and made recordings and took notes. I realized at some point that C.E. must think us horrid and rude and so I explained afterwards that we were doing sort of live reporting. Indeed she had thought that we were “doing something more entertaining perhaps” and was a tiny bit mollified knowing that we meant well. I’m not sure the worky aspect of it made up for our giggling and whispering…

Then got dressed up with the comics blogger crew, which was really awesome! I felt so loved! Also it basically sucks to be in the wheelchair in so many ways so it was nice to have it temporarily feel like a perk and like part of a fun costume. So instead of suckily being in a wheelchair… I was Oracle… with my team. That rocked. I know it might sound silly. Then of course also I just had a glow of happiness being around T. who I love dearly and talking even briefly with C.E. who just rocks and is an amazing writer. After yesterday’s suckiness … this was a nice day. Hung with Jam for part of the day (here and there) and hot tubbed and talked lots of gossip and (as always) very interesting perspective on processing and ways of thinking and responding to situations. AND was very nicely doing deep myofascial release stuff on my leg, which I deeply appreciated!! I realized I needed a little care and niceness. Last night too vito_excalibur massaged my leg for what must have been an hour as we sat on the floor in the hallway. It was especially nice to be on the floor. i.e. NOT in my handy cyborg attachment.

Then the fun dressing up! OMG so cute and fun and amazing and funny! Tekanji was extremely good at striding down the hallway and K.H. at the leg-up pose. I had some champagne and was instantly a little tipsy as people took a ton of photos of us being a superhero team.

k. and e.s. in the corner admonished me a bit not to be so hard on myself.and said that I do a lot.

Wow it made me over the top happy to see the suffragette and Athena and Iduna’s golden apples and Eris with her apple of discord and the person dressed as water and the lumberjack and the girl with the fancy bat hat and diamond bat shoes.

Q. and C. and A. suggested a fanfic slam for next year. I am the last person who should do it! but i would love to instigate it and for someone else who is actually in the fanfic world to do it.

Made out with B. and N. a little bit as if it were 10 seconds from when we last flirted…. 2 years ago. How extremely nice. I could only stand up for a few minutes… a little scandalous… Somehow later I was putting my orange oracle wig onto E. K. (Els: NOT your cousin) who did some cheesecake photos and then squashed right up onto my lap. Well now. I mean the long standing flirtation was perfectly clear. But nice chemistry isn’t always there in situations like that. And in this one it was. Suddenly also I find myself flirting with Li who seems clear to read now that some emails have been exchanged. This is all … besides being nice to make out with people… Seriously it has been very difficult and crappy and it’s nice to know I can have fun too… so … I need to overdo it a little.

sweet conv. with vgnqueen and ellen s. where they nicely told me I am too hard on myself and to chill a little and that i do a lot and that I might not be a good organized finisher but I am a good instigator. that was nice to hear.

FUNNY conv with E. Gunn about the hilarious slash story.

Wow, I like to dress up in ridiculous outfits!!!

I continue thinking I want to write long reviews of: Mindscape, Marq’ssan, Wrinkle in Time (to slam it into the ground), Ancient Light/GW, Illicit Passage.

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  1. elswhere

    yah that wouldn’t sound like her…wow but you had fun!

  2. Paige

    I would totally do the fanfic slam.
    Along with the subversive churchlady potluck.

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