Tin foil antennae

tin foil antennae
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I was thinking about the spoon theory people mentioned. Yeah it’s a little bit like that, but mostly I can push myself. Whatever is up with me is not life threatening. And in fact I have a different economy. In mine, if I spend a bit more than I’ve got within some difficult-to-know parameters, if I push my boundaries, then the next day maybe I can do more. So people in physical rehab perhaps have a different incentive. I think of a job I had where my boss, a somewhat obnoxious person, explained that I should carefully spend just a few thousand dollars over our departmental budget; not so much that we got in trouble, but enough so that next year we could justify our request for more money. And if we left a few thousand dollars unspent and were under our budget, we would be “rewarded” by less money eventually. This seemed an inherently evil philosophy to me since she didn’t need that extra money; it was just to aggrandize power for herself. But slightly overspending IS rewarded in physical therapy or with things like fibromyalgia and probably in sports and athletics and body buildling too (although… how would I know?)

Today I saw the orthopedist, who had vague and unhelpful things to say. He did not push the idea of a second injection, but instead talked of an “insult to the nerve” and that the injection must have functioned as a further insult. So what I got was a big fat wait and see and do your physical therapy, slow recovery, we don’t know, maybe later we’ll MRI it again. Oh!!!! FINE. I kind of figured. I’ll go back to my GP and ask what next, while I do that.

Today was good. My foot hurts, my leg hurts, but I did a fair amount of driving and ended up still able to walk by the end of the evening. I did more bending over today (sounds kinky but alas it was only to pick up laundry.) Graded the last few papers. Did some work which was kind of interesting but I am left feeling there is days more to do with plenty of discussion that will require everyone to do their homework. I could do a couple of days more homework and reading and rewriting on it. I noticed something else funny in the other work task I did – the readme file in the OS license had such outdated info in it, that it was pre-OSR. It would be nice to clean up all of that junk and to streamline the whole process more. But how much nicer it was… to cuddle right up to xyzzy with our laptops and lunch. a loaf of bread, a jug of latte, and open node, and thou. He’s an alien, but makes me weirdly happy. So charming, so silly, so decent yet so bad and evil, so appreciative of complexity, and quickly insightful. I don’t think any of that is an explanation for the weird badger-taming chemistry that makes me feel so comfortable. Does there really need to be an explanation?

Got my Wiscon Chronicles book from Aqueduct! And a blog question that I’ll try to answer tomorrow, or on the plane! It’s a doozy! Better to try to answer it tomorrow night while I’m surrounded by all my books.

So in our stolen moment he was showing me macfuse and I was explaining the frustrations of my OS installation problems just to hear him squeak in outrage and say “but that’s inSANE”. And how sometimes weirdly it is little things that affect everyone that are appreciated rather than all the work that led up to it. We then gave each other advice. It was practically a working lunch if you didn’t count the making out. Then we twittered or something equally stupid in between snogging some more and chatting with five different people at once. I learned from Tony that you can segment a banana in three if you poke your little finger into the end. “A day in which I avoid poking my finger into a banana is a day well spent.”

Sophie and Eliz. came over, but I stayed in bed working. Rook played Rat R4ce with them! Nobly! I wished I could have played but I had to do all the grading and junk.

Tomorrow, the day of holistic grading! Weirdly optional! But somehow mandatory! It earns extra pay. Worst of all… all my forms are fucked up. I took scribbly notes on them and had no idea i have to turn them in exactly at the end! Neatly filled out! Maybe some green liquid papering could help? Who knew… with all this talk of online systems… that three forms in green, goldenrod, and pink would rear their ugly carboned heads? My grades are all ratty in a bad spreadsheet and on various pieces of paper in a folder!

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    *whimper* I want the Wiscon Chronicles book. I hope they’ve got it in the dealer’s room and don’t sell out pronto.

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