Here we are all at Wiscon!

Debbie Notkin is introducing Kelly Link, one of our Guests of Honor. She’s going to read The Cinderella Game, coming out in an anthology in 2009. Babysitting. Step-siblings home alone. Hilarious. True-feeling. Suburban. Ominous. Kid voices also ring true.

I will buy this book just for this one speech:

“If I’m Cinderella then you have to go put the toilet seat down, and I get your playstation because Cinderella doesn’t have any toys, and you make me a peanut butter sandwich with no crusts, and …”

I also liked the bit about the kid knowing that everyone was waiting for him to mess up.

“He tried to feel relieved about this, but instead he just felt guiltier.”

“Slowly… she wiped her hand against the princess dress until there was nothing left to see.”

A beautiful last sentence in a story that gave me chills!

Debbie introduces Laurie Marks.

Rather than read from Water Logic, she is going to pick out one of a series of folktales from Earth Logic. It’s the one told to explain a piece of the landscape that is inexplicably inhospitable, called “The Walkaround”. It’s a wasteland… once farms… this story explains why. The forest was called “The Walkaround”… A stranger comes and boasts of his woodcraft. “Go into the forest then, for it’s obvious that even your mother won’t miss you.”

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