Topping my stuff!

Gina is totally topping my junk. She’s in here like a tiny purple-haired bulldozer heaving piles of books from room to room. It’s so awesome I can’t believe it!

And she’s all like “Oh it would be so interesting to go through all the stacks of old zines, and fan mail, and papers…”


Rook says I am exploiting her!

It is true but when she puts her paws up in the air and goes “Exploit my labor please” what can I do?

Also I have done the same work for so many other people. For survival or to be nice or because it is interesting, or all of those reasons.

I am so happy to have someone smart getting my stuff into shape. It has been 6 months since I’ve even tried to move books from one place to another.

Anyway she is an angel of intelligent organizing. I mean I am paying her but you can pay someone and they can still not do anything significant.

If she helps me to my zines and boxes of ancient riot grrl fan mail then I will not feel so bad if I die in a car accident because that will all be straightened out. I could scan some of it, and donate it to an archive somewhere.

Surely I will not go straight to hell for having a personal organizer and librarian for a week or so?

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3 Responses to “Topping my stuff!”

  1. vito excalibur

    You know, my X’s sister is in the foreign service, and she was stationed in Botswana for a couple of years. She had this interesting fact to relate: according to her, in Botswana, if you can afford to pay somebody else to clean your house, you are considered horribly mean if you do it yourself, because you are taking the food out of someone’s mouth just to save money. To be a good member of the community you must sack up and spend the few bucks to have someone else clean your damn toilets.

  2. LAS

    I’ll still send those zines off to MSU any time you like. I’ll even cajole someone into picking them up. But — no rush.
    They send the *sweetest* thank you letters, btw. I should show you the last one just for fun. (I almost posted it. I still might.) Remind me!

  3. cynthia

    Oh, my goddess, I need a Gina in my life! I do pay for a housekeeper to come in once a week, but having somebody not too emotional about the books/etc. help me cull things would be a blessing beyond words.

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