What would help me feel better?

Concluded last night that I needed to read some disability blogs and history and find all that Independent Living stuff that used to help me so much 10 years ago. A little ass kicking culture and as betsyl put it, “turn-based ranting” would be very helpful.

Things like this free online ADA course, and a bunch of stuff about the 1977 sit-in at the SF Federal Building, which I knew about but didn’t know the fascinating crucial bit that the Black Panthers fed all 150 protesters, the whole time! And that after like 10 days, the Mayor declared an Emergency Housing situation and made the city go in and bring beds and blankets. And all the protesters laughing at the idea that they could be starved out or made so uncomfortable they’d leave. “We’ve had surgeries and endured hospitals and abuse and you think we can’t sleep on your office floor?” Inspiring and beautiful. I’ll think of them next time I go up a sidewalk cut or grab a bathroom handrail. Wheelchair Dancer‘s post led me to some amazing links. Maybe I’ll run into her around town, as it sounds like she’s in the area!

Ordered silly tshirt with flaming wheelchair, after a while cruising around really funny snarky ones with the familiar blue sign flipping off the “walkies”(!!) and great slogans… I would love the “It’s a miracle! I can walk!” one or “If you stare long enough I might do a trick” if only it was in better typography and on a dark shirt.

I have a Plan for tomorrow and for the week!

You know what this kind of talk means, right? It means I felt crappy yesterday and today and am seeking desperately for answers and solutions and strategies and Things to Do.

Physical therapy! Done it all day long! Walking around! And I’m vowing to swim first thing in the morning. And I’m going to go hang around the rehab shop and also will call all my doctors.

Rook was like “want to play a game and have some fun together” and I stared at him in disbelief. Instead, he held my leg in traction for a while, which was heavenly. I want to cry just thinking about it, and beg him to come do it again. TRACTION OH YEAH BABY!!! DO ME!

After those romantic 5 minutes while he looked up my skirt and I admonished him to pull harder, he then helped me clean up all the papers and things on the floor and do the laundry. And he changed my sheets. Now that’s romantic!

All the papers and things are now up high, where I can get at them and sort through them. It’s a big relief.

I still have a horrible lingering cough, so really should go on another round of prednisone… which might also be super nice for my back.

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  1. Madeline F

    You were talking about light-up wheels on the other blog… Reminded me of the Hokey Spokes I got, have you seen them? Pretty super. (Pretty flash! 😉 ) Would probably fit on your wheelchair and then transfer to your bike once you were up again.

  2. Heather

    I’m glad the pool is working so well for you. There’s a local therapy pool here, but I haven’t made it out yet. During the periods where I feel rotten I just don’t want to put the effort into it- then when I’m better I’m chasing around catching up on doing whatever else I’ve been skipping. Not my smartest decision ever.
    I’ve done a fair amount of prednisone this past year so I’m trying to up my probiotic usage. I found something called ‘Pearls Express’. It’s like a pixi stick kind of. Essentially there are little microbeads of the probiotics designed to survive your stomach and get to the intestines where they belong. (I’m assuming that you know all of the upsides to probiotics when doing steroids or antibiotics)It’s more expensive but I can tell that it works a ton better for both my kiddo and I.
    Personally I vote for the hokey spokes! What a riot…I need some when I go out to Burning Man again.

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