Bad attitude moment, and HP without spoilers

BlogHer 2007
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I love this photo soooo much. I swear, it heals my soul just to contemplate it.

I had a fantastic time at the conference!

I did get in touch with my anger… travel in wheelchair can be really annoying and humiliating. I’m thankful for my sense of humor & my resilience that means I can feel like this one minute, and then the next, reenact it to make myself laugh!

Worst moment was in the airport dealing with some dumbasses and I was so tired and hurting that I could not look at or talk with anyone anymore. I just thought darkly, and angrily, “I will not cry. I will not cry. Fuck this. NOT CRY.” But then… THERE WAS THE HARRY POTTER BOOK in the airport bookstore! and I got a free tote bag with it that has the book cover on it, which was cool. NO SPOILERS ARE AHEAD. I finished the book with half an hour to spare as we began our descent into San Francisco! And zond-7 made me cheer up in the Denver airport by texting me funny fake harry potter spells… and cheerily met me in SF. I usually like to whisk quickly out of an airport and do not care about fuss or being met. But it was still nice to be met! And to have someone do all the heavy lifting for me without it being intrusive or embarrassing, but instead, just okay and normal. Rook and Zond-7 and I hung out until way too late, gossiping. Rook has had a very funny trolling by the rpgpundit on Blue Rose; I read only a little bit of it but will catch up later in the week.

So about Harry Potter 7. NO SPOILERS ARE INCLUDED HERE. The book rocked. There were scenes that made me cry the good way, with sentiment, a particular moment in a forest where a person was accompanied by others on a task and it was all about being brave… and war. All very moving. And then the sustained pace of the ending scenes really blew me away!

I kind of was disappointed that a certain character didn’t end up with a certain other character or at least even have a moment of actual dating with them, and thought that certain character kind of got the shaft! I need to go write some fanfic now.

As I predicted, the *THINGIE* subplot became important though it was ignored and mocked a bit in other books. But of course it was part of the whole point.

So I passionately liked books 6 and 7 as they got darker and more complicated politically. And I hope people see that what I have said is true and the earlier simplicities are for a reason; especially the Establishment and Authority and suchlike.

I think that 10 or 15 years from now someone will do the movies RIGHT and put in everything.

BY the way… everyone go sign up for BarCampBlock! It’s coming up soon and it’ll be a blast. If you like the BlogHer unconference I think you’ll like BarCamp!

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