Snail mail rules!

I was just driving home thinking up a mix cd, and in my mailbox got a cool letter and TWO cds. Thanks Lindsay! Wow… I’m halfway through the first CD and love it and know just what I’ll put on yours. Also thanks for the amazingly nice things you said in the letter. That inspires me to sit down and write some long reviews of things I keep putting off – books like Renegade and Tsunami and also my thoughts on The Hulk.

It’s heartening (despite the lovely instant gratification of blogs) to have snail mail and a handwritten letter – I miss it from my riot grrl zine days and should start that up again.

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  1. maggie maggot

    i’m glad you like the mixes! and yeah, sometimes i miss the snail mail days of zine culture too… it’s only recently that i started burning cds instead of recording blank cassettes for my mixes, and i’ve been getting a lot of comments about it: mostly teasing, about my joining the 21st century, but also some folks saying they preferred the analog. a cd or a blog can feel so temporary in its instantaneity (okay, i know that’s not a word! but it should be), whereas a cassette tape or a zine is a more personal investment of time and energy that seems to imply a greater claim to durability.

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