sWanky hotel

jesus fuck this is a swanky hotel. there are fur pillows and ambient soft focus techno music everywhere and sort of an aura of hipsteriness. Shauny is here! and SJ just pinged me from the airplane. i left her a funny message that i was in nirvana where the wimminzzz all have laptops. Ran into kathryn who is on a panel with me and who normally has a floating head, and jen and jen, and others, I will not pretend to really know anyone’s name until we have badges!!!!

me and shauny are being irreverent in the hotel room as we critique many things about life, conferences, she tells me about her diet book that is very wtf have a good body image and love yourself and fat pride even though it’s a diet book, and how she loves fighting and controversy, and what the blogher panels are like, and etc etc.

why is there no motherfucking wifi in the room! why didnt i bring a minihub and a long ethernet cable!

already i am having way too much fun.

soon annalee will get here and we will jet off to the art institute!!!

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