Putting off the actual talks

the funny thing about today is that because I was so busy and a bit worn out I didn’t have a lot of intense talks or thoughts. but instead would listen to people and go “AHAHHH you! I must talk with you …. but next week. Please call me… and let’s meet.” My day was fairly free to have those conversations, but I kept expecting it not to be free, so I kept a little bit detatched. But maybe I didn’t need to be. and yet I found I was trying to track so many things mentally about the logistics and other people’s needs, and about the mood of the crowd (like a DJ) that I couldn’t spare the brain cells to think deeply, even about things I care a lot about!

Talked with Jen M, Susan M, did not get to hang with Grace (alas), did get to connect a bit with people, played with kids, listened to bits of talks (but some were just too crowded for me to fit conveniently in) But I also felt like i was missing out on connecting with lots of people I would like to hang out and have great conversations with… so I have a vague sense of loss. But, on the other hand, I helped make a good conference happen! And despite its difficulties, it was really fun… and I learned a lot about logistics and organizing, which I like doing. I’ll be at someone else’s party another time and will do my usual talking and geeking then.

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