The weekend is fun again

I sat on the floor imprudently this morning, and fucked up whatever it is. That spine thing! Oh well. So, I could feel it stiffening up all day and I popped Celebrex like candy. By mid afternoon I was just kind of dragging my right leg and the left wasn’t all that great either. So I had to go back on crutches.

(rant) Yeah sometimes it pisses me off and upsets me but obviously that is not my predominant emotion in life. So, it is not SAD… and my life is not “SO SAD”. God… fuck that. I have such a good time and love my life. So what if I am in extra pain sometimes, it is dumb to focus on it. If I want to complain, believe me, you’ll hear about it. If I’m not sad, don’t project sadness and pathos onto me… don’t tell me what my emotions should be about my life… (/end rant)

I had a super great time hanging out with Beatrice and Kragen. They came over for lunch. We sat outside in the shade devouring tomatoes with mozzerella and basil and just chilling out. I knew they would be great to relax with… we loafed on the ginormous SUV-sized brown couch, with computers, vaguely being social (as promised.) Moomin finished his homework quite peacefully, played outside, read, and was visibly desk-proud.

Then Moomin and I went off to Jed’s yardwarming party. Chulita was there with a handful of comic books for Moomin, including the amazing DEVIL DINOSAUR. Tons of other people brought kids. I got to reconnect with Thida, whose writing I enjoy and who I always like talking with… Jed’s books looked good and I will have to go back when I am walking better and cruise the shelves. Also, his yard did look super nice – with heat lamps and a table and patio & tiny lawn. He sent me the funniest party invitation ever, that was sort of an ADA compliance document and architectural diagram… It was awesome… Also… I love that whole crowd of nerds. The sort of over-precise baycon guys who like to Explain things. But better yet their earth mama geektastic girlfriends who knit things out of capacitors and who know every detail of Blake’s 7 and have that ubercompetent air. Lyssa showed up, speaking of that kind of chick; she is also a ninja. We saw wild domestic rabbits… I played with Alice a bit and got to sit with Janet… Tiny muppety Alice likes a wheelchair ride, but only once. Twice in a row would be very dull. IT WOULD BE MUCH MORE FUN TO STICK HER FINGERS IN FIRE. No Alice no!!!! Candle flame is not for you!

I had a funny moment with Debbie which I might as well go ahead and tell. At some point I texted her and asked her if she could feed Moomin (he was inside, up the steps, and so was she). I didn’t want to have to get up, and once I was up, was going to be horribly awkward getting food on a plate while on crutches. I had already asked other people for some things, and then asked Chulita to get me food and to do other stuff and I did not want any fuss, and I hate asking for help at all. I could only just manage to bear to ask C. to get me food. As I often say to over helpy people who are standing in the door holding it open, “I highly value my independence.” It is true. I value my skills, things like knowing how to lift and balance and pivot my wheelchair into the trunk of my car without hurting my back. I can make it look effortless — while if you try it, able bodied, you will flounder around. I value it so much, I do not mind enduring quite a bit of pain even for showing off, not just for survival things. Anyway, I could not face getting up or asking… Obviously if I went in, anyone I asked would get Moomin food. But also I figured Debbie could figure out what he liked, he’d talk to her, and etc. etc. So after a bit I just got up and went in and Debbie went really loud, “OMG i can’t believe you just texted me from just outside, to get me to feed Moomin!” and then explained it to a whole other group of people. So I laughed a bit sheepishly and explained that I had been trying to ask her discreetly because of hating to ask for help and especially in public and hating any fussing. Then she was extremely sheepish. We both laughed at it…

There is nothing that gets me worse than being seen as not being able to take care of Moomin! Even though I *do*.

Thida had a funny-ass bitter story to tell (i am sure one of thousands) about paratransit telling her she has to install the car seats herself. Oh man! And then on the phone telling her that maybe they could do just ONE.. and she should leave the other kid at home. What?? Hahahah! Horrible. It makes the petty humiliations and battles a bit easier when I hear other people’s.

At some point Chulita and I were making fun of the horrible statue at millbrae bart. The one that is titled something like “the working mother” and has this grotesque anatomically messed up woman who is sort of half evolving from mud, or hatching from an earthy cocoon, with a BART train on her head. And scenes from her life are floating around. There are scenes of colorful toys and colorful happy family and then there are grim horrible grey or mud-colored boardrooms and scenes of work. I would like to say that aside from being annoying and ugly… it is also very much bullshit. BUT the funny thing is, as I sat here googling it, I came across this OTHER amazingly fugly, unnatural mannequin-anatomy statue proposal from its sculptor… get this… a giant statue of liberty sort of thing in the SF Bay. OMFG it is nasty! I can’t help but say so. The super bad photoshopping just screams to be farked.

Now I’ll shut up on this channel and go write my weekly column thingie. Deadline!!!

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  1. minnie

    that is totally the most foul statue there are other ones just as bad in that bart station. like a baseball player or something. also with a train on his head for some reason.

  2. bookbk

    I went to college with Thida! But I don’t think we actually knew each other. I remember her name, though, and must have seen her around. (Er, hi, Thida!)

  3. bookbk

    I went to college with Thida! But I don’t think we actually knew each other. I remember her name, though, and must have seen her around. (Er, hi, Thida!)

  4. Matt Austern


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