Walking is handy

What a relief as I find that going off the Lyrica means I can walk across the room a few steps with the cane. It’s hard and I need crutches really. Or a walker would be very handy. But last week there is no way I could have made it up Zond-7′s stairs or driven up here at all.

I’m so heartened that I can walk a bit more and now I really believe I’ll get back to doing better. Independence!!!!!

On the way to the party (walking/rolling) we stopped to invite hazelbroom to come out with us. Oh also I ate a very delicious chicken taco and tamale from Taqueria San Francisco on 24th, near Bryant.

Elly’s party was great. I lounged on a sort of daybed sofa thing almost the whole time, and had champagne wearing a silly hat. The movie “Hackers” was being projected on the wall. I couldn’t really go around the party talking with people because they are all so high up and it’s hard to make a whole group of people squat down so you can be in on their conversation. But for a long time Leeann and Chulita and Mr. Anonymous hung out with us and we were extremely obnoxious and giggly and maybe a bit tipsy together. Leeann showed us their new super secret amazing as fuck blog! I love it!! And we invented the Lumbar Boob. People need new places to put boob implants, and why not put them in your low back where they’ll provide excellent support? Also, if you’re having sex with someone with short arms and they can’t grab your butt, the lumbar boobs will provide convenient handles. We get to invent weird new lingerie too!

Elly sat on a throne on a loft platform, surveying the party. I read the spines of her books and am intrigued by Woody Guthrie’s autobiography, which I intend to buy and read. I still barely know her but now as I have studied her bookshelves I grok a bit more. I could certainly see that watching Hackers from a throne would be the perfect party.

I enjoyed watching the DJ guy (Matt? Chameleon?) from in back of the deck to see his mysterious computer software … random access… how planned is it and how improvisational? But the music was noticably joyous and perfectly meshing with the crowd’s mood.

Zond-7 told me about the library at his college and described the atmosphere & in return I explained to him about the jungly, loud, swoopy grackles and how the most exciting places at my college were like freeway underpasses in their aesthetic with concrete and subtly changing light.

We ate many cupcakes and continued to drink champagne.

Back at Zond-7′s I conquered the horrible stairs and then was vaguely wishing I had a book that was juicy and new. Lo… he had bought me Player of Games so I fell asleep reading it under the electric blanket.

My plan for this week is to swim at Big Old Trees hospital’s hydrotherapy pool every day!

And to lie in bed reading more and opening packages from Amazon because I’ve been ordering junk off the net a little crazily.

I’m getting a massage today, maybe!

Eduardo and his buddy built a deck in 1 day and just bolted my metal ramp to the deck. It’s so awesome and imagine my happiness at finding super competent, nice, smart contractors.

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  1. Pretty Lady

    how the most exciting places at my college were like freeway underpasses in their aesthetic with concrete and subtly changing light.
    That may very well be the reason I became a painter. The shadows of the tree branches moving on the limestone concrete blocks of the HRC. I kid you not. It had to be conveyed.

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