Walkies 1, Wheelchairs 1

Two conversations from the last two days, one in which I stayed quiet because I was too mad and cold and distracted to go into it, and one in which I had the snappy comeback right away.

Last night, as Zond-7 was putting my wheelchair into the trunk, our cab driver told me, “Good thing you have him with you. I wouldn’t have pulled over if you didn’t have someone to help you.” I limited my response to saying, “That’s interesting, and why is that?” I didn’t have the oomph to explain, and on the way to the BlogHer party downtown, Zond-7 and I listened to the awful cab driver’s awful AM radio station talk show with the frothing-at-the-mouth host who mocked Warren Buffet and “people who believe in global warming”. The cab driver kept firing off senile random comments about it being good that I had someone to help me. I was boiling mad! At my most charitable, I could imagine that maybe he knew someone who didn’t have someone to help them, or that he had a difficult experience with a disabled passenger who needed more help than he was able to give. I don’t know why I couldn’t muster up the smackdown and the explanation he deserved.

Today I was getting the elevator at UCSF coming down from the ALS Clinic and a guy with MD embroidered on his lab coat said all jollyfingly, “Wow! You sure do manage well in that thing!” to which I grinned super deadly and said without a pause, “Thanks! You sure do get around well on those legs! I don’t know how you do it! I just want you to know that I really admire your courage!”

He went “uh, heh heh” and looked like he wanted to escape as fast as possible from the elevator. Everyone else smirked.

I swear! A doctor! They should know better.

It cheered me to be so snarky and to get to say back one of the things that most annoy me. The snark doesn’t always hit the person who needs it most but I envision a beautiful ripple effect as crippled people everywhere whip out their bitch-ass sarcasm, so the other people in the elevator listen and learn.

2 Responses to “Walkies 1, Wheelchairs 1”

  1. Frances

    Badger, you are the Queen of Awesomeness.

  2. MLO

    Many doctors are idiots. Before I met and married my DH, I made the mistake of dating one. Often, they don’t think. (This is not universally true, but really common.)
    Surgeons are the worst for not thinking about what they say before opening their mouths. I think it has something to do with cutting people up.

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