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Brow piercing!
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I forgot to write last week about the Three Rings party – they are a company that makes a game called Puzzle Pirates – but anyway I had a good time at the party, played Rock Band for the first time which is more fun than I thought it would be – sucking me into the absorbing world of trying to beat a video game while also giving a little adrenaline boost of the fear & high of performing and making an ass of myself. It turned out I was weirdly good at singing the two songs I knew on the list, “My Sharona” and “Don’t Fear the Reaper”. My only regret is not getting to sing Enter Sandman. Bring on the 80s badness and I will sing it. I also loved the giant tentacles all over their office, and the pirate decor, and the tiny cozy room with leather couches and the scotch hidden inside a globe, and the fancy pool table. I met some people mostly that I didn’t know but one that I remember from SXSW.

Rook had jury duty this week and though he has not been picked yet has had to sit there for most of the week listening to the lawyers throw people off for some rape trial that sounds very heinous. The defense throws off people who say they trust the police. Huh.

I worked a lot and kept exhausting myself completely. But I have not collapsed from it and seem to be successfully pushing myself to get stronger and stronger. In January even after un-diagnosis I didn’t feel like I trusted that I would really get better. Now I have a lot more faith in it. I’m still in pain but it isn’t crushing pain. For so long I was going around most of the time struggling not to just lie down and gasp like a fish out of water. Very zombie-like & climbing-mt.-everesty. Now it is back to the level where I don’t have a lot of stamina, and my leg hurts and isn’t working right, but it’s not like destroying my fucking soul. Man, it was bad. I feel like I’m only realizing how bad, as it gets better.

Yesterday we played with a tiny helicopter. The rotors break very easily! If you get one, just order a 6 pack of replacements. Don’t delude yourself that they’ll last.

Today was fabulous and I am just reading a tiny book about Os Cangaceiros…. details and links to come soon. And all of a book of comics, “Cat Getting Out of a Bag” which I highly recommend to anyone who likes things like “What’s Michael”. I read most of Solove’s book and I have to say I loathed it. Expect that rant as well – I ranted but it was midnight and I think editing is in order before I post. Then as a fabulous antidote I read some bits of the Clay Shirky book (Here Comes Everybody) which took the bad taste out of my mouth. I did some basic Python lessons mostly from Seth’s email from his lesson last week, and if he does another email with this weeks’ lesson I’ll do that too… it’s fun. (I am doomed to know only a little bit of baby steps in every single programming language ever.) Anyway… the really nice thing other than spending most of the day in bed was walking a block to Body Manipulations where I got my eyebrow ring put back in. I got that piercing in 1991 in San Jose done in some skeevy tattoo parlor by a guy named Eddie. By some odd chance he hit a minor artery. Blood went spurting out like crazy and I bled for half an hour, soaking a lot of paper towels. It was fascinating and didnt’ hurt. Of all the piercings I’ve had that is the one that never hurt or got infected – maybe because it bled so much? Anyway, I had the ring out for some of the MRIs I had in December, forgot to put it back in, and then couldn’t manage to stretch the hole.

So today I got it re-inserted – with a new cheap steel ring – and ordered a super satisfyingly fancy gold one with a bit of opal which is so tiny that choosing its color was pointless but I agonized anyway and chose a microscopic bit of black opal. Perhaps to someone at close range in the proper light it will look like rainbows… I can’t tell.

Then was able to say “Hey, look, the zine store, let’s go there!” and go with crutches to stand around and then sit on the floor looking at zines and books. That was a milestone to be able to walk and do something at a whim and then walk back to the car. Only 1 block radius, but still, pretty great.

I’m off soon to pick up Moomin and Hamster. Hamster’s spending the night! I hope to lounge a lot more tonight and do some more python lessons, read zines, and late at night when kids are asleep, watch The Wire.

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  1. Jo

    I’m really happy and relieved that you’re doing better! Spring is upon us!

  2. vito excalibur

    I like the photo! You look extra sexy for some reason! Maybe it’s the jacket. Or the smirk. 🙂

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