Paris Hilton explains politics

Funny how everyone’s reacting to Paris Hilton’s energy policy video. We like it because we recognize the misogyny in using Hilton’s image as a synonym for “whore” and the misogyny of the McCain campaign using that image to feminize Obama as a candidate. In the last few campaigns the Republicans worked hard to demasculinize the entire Democratic party, make them seem less macho. Just as all anyone had to do to damage Clinton’s image was to call her a shrill old bitch. Misogyny is a powerful weapon when turned against women, and it also gets turned against men. The McCain ad implies that Obama’s popularity makes him a whore. And that a whore is the worst thing in the world to be. Dumb, shallow, entertainment. So I appreciated that Hilton talked back in her video — not defending Obama, but defending herself. Why is it any funnier for her to speak about an energy policy, than for Bush to speak on, well, pretty much any serious political subject? I love it that blogheristas took Hilton seriously, well, semi-seriously, and are demanding more Paris Hilton op-ed videos!

I don’t know a damn thing about Hilton other than her and Brittney Spears flashing their crotches all drunk in a cab or something! Other than her being some kind of sex symbol and synonymous with “dumb trashy starlet” I have no clue. But now I like her.

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  1. Josh

    The Republicans have been working hard to demasculinize the entire Democratic Party for about sixty years, actually, starting with the way the Red Hunters portrayed Hiss and the State Department and going on to their calling the 1950s Dem candidate “Adelaide.” The Kennedy-Johnson machismo backlash was just a blip, and is pretty much ignored by the whole Coulter “Democrats are treasonous girly-men” thing.
    Paris Hilton, yeh –she was famous for a sex video and for being really rich and really non-intellectual –and of course for being the target of a mass media that endlessly covers and ridicules dumbish young female “celebrities” in ways that it would never think to do with boys or men. Good on her for this riposte!

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