Bank buildings and hurricane comics

I drove down from Burlingame to my town half the length of El Camino Real, today, and felt very odd as I passed various WaMu and Wachovia & other bank buildings. What will happen? Are we ending up with two or three huge U.S. banks?

Why the heck is Palin in Burlingame today? Fundraising?

I liked this article that had real empathy for Palin:

From conversation between me and Cyn last night on the WisCon trolling: “Not every woman is my ally. But I still have to treat every woman as my possible future ally.”

Can anyone deconstruct this comic book for me? Superheros funded by FEMA fight the Hurricane, fail, but then are helped by the Legion of Linemen to set up telephone service again. Flatlandman’s despair at his failure is assuaged by The People Helping Each Other by sharing food, water, and electricity while they all work to clean up debris.

Hmmmm. I imagine our future will have more strange art like this as the economy continues to tank.

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  1. Pretty Lady

    I would not trust Sarah Palin even if she was my ally.

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