To all Republicans trying to keep a shred of decency

I guess stirring up people’s fear and hatred has some result. Can the Republican Party realize what it’s doing here? They try to make a scared, angry mob by pushing the culture wars and racism to extremes. And that is what they have done.

McCain is trying to put out the fire a bit while on the other hand with approval from his campaign and with impunity Sarah Palin fans the flames and adds fuel. You can see in the videos how she likes the boo-ing and the power and feeling of whipping people up into a frenzy of hatred. Fine, it’s hatred and fear that’s there, but you don’t have to FEED IT.

I have been doing my best personally to reach across party lines and across social differences to religious and conservative people who think I am damned to eternal hell for my sexuality or whatever or not allowed to have any place in society. And I make an effort to deal with those people in a rational and just and civic fashion and to respect them. I will continue to do that to the best of my ability.

I like what my friend Cynthia1960 said recently. “I don’t have to treat everyone as my ally. But I have to treat everyone as my possible future ally.” That applies perfectly in this situation. That is the attitude I will maintain to these people no matter what they do. That’s what it takes.

Republicans you had better step up and rein in your attack dogs. What, I’ve watched people get arrested and thrown around by police for years at peaceful rallies, anti war, immigration rallies, and when people do this at a presidential candidate’s speech, nothing happens, no blowback, no nothing? You really want to vote for that? You want that to be the image of your political party and its beliefs?

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  1. bunny

    I’m about as opposite as I could be from you in lots of ways-politically, spiritually, geographically (I hail from NC) and I am just as shocked and horrified as you seem to be at the fact that people on either side of this divide are getting simply vicious with one another. (I have been the recipient on my end.)There is no excuse-on either end-for treating people disrespectfully or using such violent metaphors (and I hope and pray they are just metaphors!!!!!!)
    I’m glad to hear you are making an effort to communicate across lines. That’s what we all need to be doing no matter where we stand.

  2. badgermama

    Thanks bunny, it is really cheering and heartening to hear that. Makes my day!

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