Video game sports commentary

BoB has just been pwnd on a whole other level, but as I read about that, I came across this amazing video!

I love games, that is an incredibly beautiful space battle, and the commentators are great even though I can’t understand 90% of the words coming out of their mouth. Would anyone care to explain the strategy of what happened here, in plain language?

Did inferior ships from the opposing group, Star Fraction (the Thoraxes) just gang up cleverly and rush the more powerful ships? What happened? I would like the Osprey guide to this epic & famous battle, with diagrams and maps, the order of battle, etc!

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4 Responses to “Video game sports commentary”

  1. high on markers

    this is just the greatest

  2. owlmonkey

    i only know a little about Eve Online, but it sounds like they used effective electronic warfare to prevent the ‘band of brothers’ (Bob) shield support ship from countering their damage to bob’s main damage dealer ship. maybe with some other tactics as well?
    that game is so darn complicated. i have heard that band of brothers was the dominant corporation (guild) in the game historically, for years maybe, but i get the sense that their hegemony was slowly eroded and broken. the ‘something awful’ web site’s ‘goon squad’ for example joined Eve and came up with some clever exploits specifically to harass the Bob corp. that’s the same goon squad infamous for raining torrents of penises down on folks in second life and other pranks.

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    Band of Brothers (Bob) used to interest me before World of Warcraft caught my attention. It’s really cool and this video gave me a second thought of trying BoB. Maybe there’s no harm in trying right?

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