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Hello world!

I’m moving this blog to WordPress finally, from its old home at, where it moved in 2004 or 2005 from The 2003-2004 comments are mostly lost.

My current blogging is at,, and

Tales of espionage and infiltration

Jesus fuck! I finally read the entire Msscribe saga. It’s like reading The Cuckoo’s Egg. Somewhere in the middle of this story of deception, lies, trolls, sockpuppets, flame wars, investigations, detectives, databases, IP numbers, and inner circles, I began to doubt the reality of my own existence. Holy crap, what if I, too, am Msscribe?


Iris, you will especially love this.

Messing with Vox – 2 movies

I was fooling around with Vox some more late last night. It’s pretty slick! & effortless to use. I wrote more about Ong Bak and about the new Jet Li movie. (“Fearless” is such a bad title for it but I guess every other possible title with the word “defender” in it was taken.)

I’m also trying to blog from ecto instead of being logged into 10 blogging service windows. So far I like it a lot.

I do wish that the built-in tagging in ecto had a blank form window, and not a list with checkboxes, which assumes I’m going to use a subset of only a few tags, and discourages the one-time use of specific tags because then my list will become quickly unmanageable. So it’s still not the nice integration of tagging that I’ve been looking for. For example how useless to tag this entry “ecto” and “Jet Li”. Or for other entries, tagging them with specific people’s names. In less than a month I would have 500 tags on that list in the sidebar in ecto. I don’t want ecto to remember what I”ve tagged things in the past, or if it does, I only want the top X most heavily used tags, where I get to determine the number X.

One more criticism – it pops up a window to warn me I haven’t entered “keywords” and I haven’t figured out what it thinks keywords are. I added tags and categories, for god’s sake. What more does it want? What are these keywords? Why aren’t they in the Help if they’re so all-fired important?

And yet it’s the most fabulous blogging client I’ve found so far and I continue recommending it to people. I haven’t explored all its features yet. OH if only it was integrated with Flickr and not just iphoto, itunes, and Amazon.

I bought endo too, because I’m SO frustrated at trying to find a nice rss reader, and it’s nice, but again, the tagging just isn’t quite there. I can’t tag my feeds! How useless is that! Maybe a workaround with adding keywords in the Notes field and then making “smart feeds”. I swear… I bought it because I thought I had read it DID have tagging of feeds and then it turned out not to. DAMMIT.

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new junk in my trunk

Hey, I’m trying out this blogging client, Ecto. Seems pretty nifty.

I wish I could rearrange the order that all my different blogs appear in the main window so that I could put the ones I post in most frequently at the top! I don’t want to delete the small blog I made for a one-semester class several years ago, but I’m never going to post in it again either, so I don’t want to scroll past it and its myriad kin just to get to my active blogspot blogs!

Let’s hope this helps my insane workflow. I even just dragged a photo into here from flickr – will it work right? Oooo! And nice built-in tagging.

I am getting really tired of people going “WELL… I don’t understand HOW you can POSSIBLY blog in so many places. When do you LIVE?” In other words, “you are online too much, bitch.”


1. News for you people: before I was online too much I read all the time and wrote 20-40 pages a day in my paper journals so it’s not like some kind of massive change in my life structure. It just makes the graphomania more visible & public.

2. Reading and writing and talking to other people *is* part of “real life”.

3. My non-reading, non-writing, non-conversational, non-bloggity life is quite intense, thanks.

4. If you’re implying that I’m spoiled and privileged, you’re probably right, but do you point that out to every writer who’s a guy?

4.5: What’s with the implication that I must be a bad mother because I write too much?

5. It’s weird when *other writers* do this whole thing to me. What do they think they’re doing all day? Living in the fast lane? Experiencing some kind of healthy holistic bliss?

6. There is often an age-related judgment going on and this attitude goes along with the snottiness towards “text messaging teenagers”. Need I point out Sturgeon’s Law?

Anyway, Ecto. Seems useful! Right off, using it for the first time, I wish that the tagging could just be typed in all on one line instead of my having to click on plus or minus signs.

There is a nifty clicky interface for dragging stuff from your browser or stuffing the “now playing” from iTunes into the blog entry, thusly:

Make Yo Mama Happy from the album “Crystal Ball [CD3]” by Prince

“The Violent Foam: New and Selected Poems” (Daisy Zamora)

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curiously medieval

Has anyone else noticed the odd naming patterns emerging from blogs?  We say "Liz of Badgerbag" or "Amanda of Pandagon" or "Joshua of Strip Mining".

That’s really cool. It’s different from the way we describe people’s association with a job or company. You wouldn’t say "Steve of Apple", you’d say "Steve, the CEO of Apple".  I noticed at SXSWi that people would mention their several blogs; and this was not for self-promotion but because who they are is crucially bound up in their multiple web identities, the different contexts where they’re known.  Liz of Blogher is definitely different from Liz of Badgerbag; and Liz of both together is a whole new animal.