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Collaboration and upgrade day

Yop! I have spent all day lying in bed messing with computers. I backed up my drive with Carbon Copy Cloner and installed Leopard and then made a new clean account and fiddled infinitely moving preferences and things and am still not done with that.

Then I started moving files, and cleaned up probably 70% of my miscelleneous layers which aren’t even honorable enough to be stratigraphic but are more like the Franciscan melange, otherwise known as the cruftiness of years and years of accumulated poems, essays, translations, stories, blog post drafts, half baked ideas, liveblogging sessions, notes on notes on notes, deleted bits of angry or sad emails or things unsent and unposted, private journals, and so on. I found many hilarious and embarrassing things including List of annoying people, which was people who were notable on various mailing lists over the years and I wanted to be sure not to accidentally befriend them or sleep with them later. Anyway, all of that was re-organized file by file into a vaguely logical structure which will make it easier to know where to file future things. In theory. Zond-7 basically held my hand and spoke stern words to sustain me during the process, words like “NO… you must not just move that entire folder over into a new “stuff and junk” folder!” You can imagine the emotional strain of dredging through all those old text files. For every project I have finished there are 10 more at least which were not finished. I mourn for them.

Then on a mad rampage of computeriness we messed about some more with mercurial. We understand like 2% of how to use it and we want to use it all wrong. Or, that’s what I thought until about 10 minutes ago and now I think that one of the ways I want to use it is like the “forest” idea. So what I would like is to be able to be able to suck in all the stuff that I use, wherever I am. That can mean several different things. It could mean just the minimal amount of stuff I need in a computer in order to work smoothly. Sort of my working environment. It could mean all my actual files or my working projects as well. All that could be under hg. Ideally I could push it out to my servers but it’s also on my laptop accounts and if I make a new account I can bring all that across with hg. And also I want to easily collaborate with Zond-7 in twiddling all this stuff so there are bits of our environment we can easily share. There could be a sort of local directory which can tell who you are logged in as and where you are, I mean what computer you’re on, and in those directories you keep information that’s specific to that environment and won’t work elsewhere. I don’t want to have a canonical place for my stuff and then a backup of it that I sync up. I would like to be more portable and fuzzy than that, with my information more accessible, and my informational boundaries more permeable to other people.

Oh meanwhile we got ipv6 working on my laptop with teredo/miredo & Zond-7 wrote a script to keep it dynamically updated so I can ssh into my laptop from anywhere else that has ipv6 using a stable domain name, no matter where I’m connecting to the net. Damn that’s so hot.

It was all fun but I’m super exhausted and can’t think anymore… I was ambitious to write things up coherently but it’ll wait and instead, here’s my usual brain dump.

We paired really well but definitely reached the point where he was over bossing a little bit and I was oversensitively snapping “I *know*” or “You don’t know either and I can just look it up”. I think he will go crazy if I don’t replace my keyboard as soon as possible – my up arrow doesn’t work and so I have to retype things instead of up-arrowing thru the history which is like torture especially if you are forced to watch it mistakes and all.

At bedtime, I tried to read to Moomin but he just went “No, let ME… *I* read with EXPRESSION.” Aieeeee! What an insult. It’s true I am so tired I sound like a whiny zombie robot.

Rook took Moomin to lunch and a movie and then shopping and then collapsed and fell asleep, I think still on East Coast time. I want to lure him into messing around with mercurial with us.

I love Moomin’s stories about the trip and that he got to do a gazillion exciting things (natural history museum, cirque du soleil, beach, playing Talisman and D&D with his cousins, a birthday party, thanksgiving, putting on a thankgiving play, umm and I think there was more.)

Physically I’m improving a bit, slowly, with a lot of resting. I did some stretching, and walked without a cane for about the distance to the bathroom and back to bed, but then was back on crutches and in the chair and am in massive pain again. I find I can sit up a couple of hours but then it gets to me and I’m toast for the rest of the day. Thanksgiving was awesome but I sat up *way* too long and absolutely melted down. I am tending to end up every night spacey, tired, liable to cry, banging on my own leg with my fists, complaining that I can’t take it, and anxious. I think this means i need more actual sleep, or should go to bed earlier, or change gears somehow.

I read Empress of Mijak yesterday and it totally rocked my world. The first.. oh about half… I was so jazzed and rooting for what’s her name. When she’s a teenage girl wreaking vengeance on the world it’s all good, she can slay great warriors and bathe in blood. But oh man then I became very uncomfortable with my liking of her as a character. Hello… they’re all nuts and hear voices in their heads and are horrible religious fanatics. I wish she’d stayed a little more complicated. On the other hand I got very thinky about the nature of good and evil and human character & ambition. While in purely dorky and goofy mind candy fantasyland conan-ish tarzan-ish barbarian warrior chick mode. That transition was interesting to go through (from my liking of the character to my discomfort, and thinking about why.) I can’t wait to read the sequel. Perhaps it’ll be like chapter 2 of a Mirror for Empresses. We also watched the last 2 episodes of the first season of Rome. Caesar and Hekat went well together…

Oh! And our house! The contractors have chopped a hole in our house. They’re making the french doors fit. It’s a bit complicated but they’re also super competent. Half the house doesn’t have electricity, though, till Monday, and I have a crazy-bad pragmatic topology of extension cords and power strips plugged into each other. I figure as long as we don’t fall asleep with the space heater on it’ll be okay. Yes, it would have been nicer of them to figure out we needed electricity tonight and Sunday. Well, they’re still going to do a kick ass job faster than I think anyone else would have, so I’m happy.

Playing for thrills, and wheelchairs in Chinese airports

Well, I’m in China!

The flight was fine. Mostly, I played nethack, a rare treat of time-wasting. Zond-7 and I talked and made out a lot, which made the whole idea of being on a plane much more bearable. I also re-read Playing for Thrills, a cool and surreal novel by Wang Shuo. It’s set in the 1980s, in the area of Beijing where we’re staying. As I read the book, I took notes on each chapter to get it clear in my mind what was happening. The past and present blend together, imaginary incidents and real, as the narrator Fang Yan unravels what happened 10 years ago with his friends who had just been mustered out of the army from the Vietnam War. Fang Yan kicks around town chasing women, hallucinating, drinking, and playing cards with friends, none of whom seem to have a job or anything to do other than be obnoxious, cool, and vaguely delinquent. There are many political references and occaasionally a footnote will point them out. Truth, lost history, and attempts to reconstruct history are central to the story.

I will post my notes on the book below the cut.

Towards hour 12 on the airplane, somewhere over Taiwan, I started feeling ready for it to be over, and desperate to fall asleep. It was still daylight as we flew into Hong Kong; we could see the mountains behind the city and then to the sides dropping straight into the sea, and the small islands in the bay where in movies they always motorboat out to, for pirates or gangster hideouts.

My wheelchair did arrive in Hong Kong, but at the top of the jetway ramp. So Zond-7 went to get it, causing much consternation. An attendant popped up, in a red vest and with little black gloves on. I said no thank you a few times. By the time we were at the top of the ramp, there was some consternation and kerfluffle, with a manager and some radios and cell phones. I felt bad for Yin Ning, but I was also in no mood. “I have to push you. I will take you.” She kept trying to get behind me, and I’d just swivel around and continue talking with her. I could not get her to look me in the face. “It’s my job.” I am very stubborn. I did not want to be pushed. “I’m happy to follow you if you want to take us to get our boarding passes…” Poor Yin Ning was so mad. We stopped to re-settle my backpack and other bag and cane, and she didn’t notice… and then we got onto the moving walkways which I think she might not have been allowed to go on.

I tried to be polite and smiley but it was no use! The sun and moon leave their orbits, just because one woman in a wheelchair said no…

Security was a breeze. The woman patting me down seemed so embarrassed that she barely even touched me. I think that was the freakazoid factor kicking in, or maybe I smelled awful after 14 hours on an airplane.

There were elevators and accessible bathrooms, free wireless on the concourse, and it was a super comfortable airport. They asked us to get on the plane early. I think Zond-7 was hoping secretly for entertainment value that I would refuse. But I agreed to get on. Again, refusing the push from the dude who swooped to get behind me with out asking or even making eye contact for assent. You can imagine my swift maneuver of avoidance and my fuck-you-no-thank-you smile.

I need to take the goddamned pushing handles off this chair!

Dragonair was a really comfortable plane even in economy class, and the food was good. This last 3 and a half hour stretch of our flight was where I lost it. My back started to hurt like hell and it was like someone was mashing my right foot between giant knives and needles and hammers. My whole butt felt like a giant bruise. At the same time I was starting to pass out in small dozing fits. On the other hand, there was a gorgeous sunset, Zond-7 was by my side. There was a delightful moment as people filed onto the plane, when a 4 year old boy stopped dead in his tracks next to my seat. He stared, astonished and absolutely gratified, clearly saying “BUT LOOK ZOMG A LADY WITH PURPLE HAIR!!!” I beamed at him, commented that yes, my hair was funny! And I wanted to just scoop him up and kiss him. What a cutie! His parents didn’t shush him but smiled proudly at him and me and seemed just fine with my talking with their child.

In Beijing airport my chair did not appear. The flight attendants on Dragonair were like a little flock of concerned sparrows in uniforms and tasteful makeup. Some of them told me to wait on the plane, while others shooed me off the plane to say my chair would be there soon, or that I should go to the baggage area to get it. I explained a lot what I hoped would happen – that my chair would come up the stairs from the airplane to the jetway ramp. Meanwhile I was hobbling about in considerable pain trying to control my panic while Zond-7 nabbed the one chick with the radio and the authoritative manner. I ended up sitting on a windowledge, still panicking a bit and wondering if my chair was on the plane at all! But finally it came.


The air was thick with smog, like Bladerunner or Mordor, even inside the airport. It smelled like when I was little and would be playing in the snow in Detroit, after months of winter and car exhaust and the slush would turn black, and the surface even of fresh snow had a black pitted crust. It’s that smell, times 100, with undertones of factory emissions; you can taste it in the air. Last night it burnt my eyes, but this morning either things are better, or I’m used to it.

Customs and visa and baggage claiming were a total breeze. At the baggage claim we were met by 2 people from the conference, the driver and a woman who spoke English. The wheelchair threw her for a loop, but she dealt with it extremely well. There was a flurry of cell phone calls. She routed us to a walkway and elevator into the parking garage and more or less would throw her body between me and oncoming traffic. I liked her sturdy determination very much. Zond-7 and I were exhausted and giggling a lot. Our handlers warmed to this mood, and didn’t disapprove. Along the way we learned the characters for exit, entrance, “gate”, and maybe “bridge” from signs. There are some really neat glowing streetlights that look like glowsticks along the side of the road.

Downtown makes me think a bit of Chicago or Manhattan. Skyscrapers, big streets, the subway, a rainbow arch we went underneath. We passed Oriental Plaza which I recognize from its web site – a huge glass multi-story mall. Our hotel has bellhops in bright pink uniforms with gold buttons and tall bellhop hats. The guy who helped us was named “Rock” and was very excited to talk with me about rock music (my shirt had a sword and skull tattoo style and said “ROCK” on it; thank you Mervyn’s boys dept.) “Korn? Blink 182? ” I forget the other bands he mentioned. I totally loved him and wished I could burn him a CD right there and he could burn me one too.

Our hotel room power comes on when you put the key card in a slot! I had coffee from the coffee maker. The bed is rock hard but we both slept 8 hours and are all perky, if bewildered. Zond-7 is shaving off a weeks’ beard and prepping for his talk while I chill out with my coffee and blog. I obtained razors for him downstairs (at what I think was vast expense) and fed him ginger cookies, because I’m awesome like that. (Oh, and Zond-7 was awesome like that in SFO, where he went to scout, and turned on the BBC voice to jump us past 2 hours of queues to some special quick line for executives and cripples.) Our hotel room is huge but has only about 2 power outlets. We have converters and a power strip though! We’re on the 11th floor! Beijing awaits! At this conference, I might be somewhat freakish, conspicuous, uncouth, and inconvenient. I will claim to be a Journalist, I guess. I am wearing my suit, to be fancy for the first day while Zond-7 gives his talk which I might add is going to be a gruelling 2.5 hour panel where he is likely the last speaker. I wonder if he has to sit on some kind of stage for that whole time. Let’s hope not. I’ll try to liveblog it.

Random bits of recent days

Wired_ferret coming to visit! And us all lying on the enormous brown corduroy couch reading Naomi Novik books.

The 4th Temeraire book is very good! I couldn’t stop reading it.

Reading the book about women in Norse sagas. It’s good too, but a little uneven in style and clarity. I’m also reading William Gibson Spook Country which so far is good for its moody atmosphere.

Moomin watching Avatar with me and acting out all the scenes. I should watch the whole series. Rook and Zond-7 and I watched the episode of Rome that comes after the horrible depressing torture one.

Today I cleaned and went through drawers to sort clothes, hovered about Moomin and Hamster, tried to wake up Zond-7 several times and then had mercy, printed all sorts of maps of Beijing and listened to Mandarin phrases, and got things together while cosily Rook did computery things.

Went to Fry’s, got extra batteries and power adapters and I was tempted to buy about a million things that I don’t need. Why do tiny external hard drives entice me so, when I don’t use the ones I have? I got a super cheap mini folding tool but now wish I had gotten the nicer and $20 more expensive Leatherman. I wanted many more useless things: tools I would barely ever use, soldering irons, a wireless bbq thermometer (why?), a usb powered led light for reading or lighting up your keyboard, oh, just anything that seemed whizzbang and neat. I did not buy any of that but stuck to the planned errand.

Then off to SF to see yarnivore’s talk. It was good! & off to dinner with them & Annalee and a bunch of people. I always have fun talking with Mr. Paranoid (A.’s partner) as it is easy to crack him up by saying outrageous things and you can’t really outrage him. I finally got to meet tyr_salvia… her talk sounded good. Actually a lot of the talks from this conference sounded good, and I’m going to go back and read all of tyr_salvia’s liveblogging from it. Dinner was good and company great but I was getting very tired. Also, food is stressful because eating hurts (ulcer is indeed kicking up, so I am mostly eating crackers and milk and water, and eat a real meal at night after I take my sleeping pill, which is how I didn’t starve to death 2 years ago when I first had this problem.) We ended up at bi-rite ice cream anyway, all feeling very giggly, and we ran into jambery and kiriko moth. I realized that for the millionth time I have forgotten their real life names, because I think of them firmly by their blog names!

Meanwhile Rook did not know where I was and could not get through to my phone. I had thought that I had laid out the weekend – I had meant to go to SF on Friday, but had several medical appointments and spent all day in the hospital and decided not to and to stay home. But then it was game night at Moomin’s school anyway so it is a good thing I stayed… and I went to it and was even more wiped out, but worth it. Moomin ran around wildly with the other kids playing sharks & minnows. We played 2 games of the penguin game, a couple of rounds of King of the Beasts, and I met some kids I didn’t know before… & taught F. and her big sister Violet the penguin game. But that wasn’t the point… the point was that I thought on Friday I had said that I’d be home Friday and Saturday and then come up here on Sunday. Then all weekend I was planning things out, out loud, like this morning going into stuff like if Zond-7 wakes up soon then we can just take the kids up to Barflingame to Hamster’s house to play, so that Hamster’s dad doesn’t have to come pick him up, but that might not make sense because if we go to Fry’s first it would mean extra driving and it’s already a lot of driving. So i know I said things like this, and did not realize it was unclear what the actual plan was.

Multiple other complicated things too private to other people to explain or go into happened today mostly over the phone or email or chat or twitter. That makes it hard to blog, and that’s been true a lot of this week, because a lot of my thinking is taken up with those things and they’re unbloggable. Last weekend and earlier in the week I was completely flipping out about a different thing which I was writing about somewhat privately. I couldn’t deal with talking about that here either, but I will do so in a bit when I feel more comfortable. It’s nothing dire… it was just mindfuckingly annoying and I don’t know how to frame it yet.

Blogher unconference!

Sunday. man i stayed up too late

diversity discussion – i peeked in – i mentioned ezster’s research

relationship/bloging one Liz Rizzo Melina from ellinetha, liza leif, veronique christensen, Aliza Sherman of babyfruit, me – LJ and intimacy gradients. “you know like an intimacy gradient that is like a foyer, and then as you go in the house the spaces become intimate.” Liza Lief: “while blogging is often you open the door and there’s a VAGINA.” Melina: Livejournal is more like the teenage girls’ bedroom in the back of the house where there’s a slumber party going on.” liz r. everydaygoddess tells about relationships and family.

People wondering why would you DO this. being an open book anyway. as we have been all our lives. and just putting it out there. blogging the tool we were waiting for.

danah boyd article on class and myspace/facebook is brought up without people knowing her name about having a vague impression of the article.

faye anderson – use it, edit it
betsy samuels – it’s all up at the wiki
elana centor – wikiphboa. scared to edit. looks useful for clients.
amy gahran – use wikis for project management and want to do it more. trying to find best tool for absolute beginner. soceity for environemental journalism.
kate – once edites something on wikipedia times the song “we shall overcome” has been used. they forgot mexican american civil rights movement! so i had to edit it. you click edit typed it in. it showed up on the page and i was shocked. BUT… that said i’ve tried… where do you go to start a wiki.

amy – the docs for these tools sucks.
i can do most tech and wiki – i don’t get. someone i konw beth darges.
beth kanter – poweruser. also teaching people what wikis are.

shared doc rather than wiki

list of tools and wikis

wiki – structuring!

what out of this discussion made it click for you?

social media lunch

“how much time do you spend in second life?”
“a lot”
“i stil dont know how to put my clothes on”
“you cna take classes at the free university”
“I make enough to pay for it at my store”
“you should talk to anna herzog”

2 more hours of wiki-ing!
we edit blogher’s wikipedia entry a bit
we try tiddlywiki, mediawiki, socialtext, pbwiki
codepink, allaccess, other projects, wiki project management

AAAAAAAAH I just realized I am talking to HEROINE CONTENT
fangirl moment omg omg omg


3pm retrospective on open space / unconference! all sitting in big circle of chairs.

many people say they were skeptical and almost didn’t come
and they came and found it was their favorite day of the conference!
intimate, more one on one personal , more in depth information, generosity, sharing of experience, learning environment, this type of thing being attuned to our personalities, smaller groups, absolute joy, making real connections, good tips in main conference, leads to information, but today was about focus. loving things unstructured. dont’ lke things in structure but wander off from them. conversation on one topic but went off on another topic, include the entire conference in it, bravo to all the organizers. i am so happy tere was today! because it is non hierarchical, organic, how women organize, whole conference wonderful, got information, but big conference i was afraid of, growing, gettinb big, i’m an outsider, haven’t already been in the networks. male, linear structure, session one two etc. Today was organized the way women organized. and i have a wiki now. arizona has a wiki now! yes, more relaxing, the synthesis is built in. retrospective, conversations deeper, big conference will take 2 weeks to process. i will stop beating myself up (self censorship) should keep this keep going next year. keep it at the end, or do it in parallel. kaliya keeps it on track, everyone go around. this is one of my favorite htings about college, was the conversations in the dining halls. people from all different fields and majors bringing things to the table in a genuinely noncompetitive way. will be processing that for weeks and building on it. but this was wonderful to have some extended conversations with people, which is hard to do without feeling that you’re missing something during the more structured time. so this moves that kind of conversation fromt he margins to the center! (that was e. perry who fucking rocks!) lauriewrites: liveblogging was great but draining, today i got to talk with women about their stories and what they say and don’t say. i’ve never had a bad time at anything involving this organization. i feel really good and it’ll send me home feeling really good and positive. No competition, i loved about today it gave me the opportunity to get everything i wanted to get out of this conference. i came a long way. i asked specific questions and got them answers. i loved the quiet of today. i love that i continued conversations i had over the last 2 days and begun new convs that will continue over the next year. i love that i now have a notebook filled with practical stuff that i can work on when i got home. more specific to what i wanted than the main conference though the main conf was fantastic. ditto to everything. overwhelming how generous evrone i spoke to was wiht their knowledgge, history, stories, i’m all choked up. i learned a lot. i feel like an SEO goddess now. explained in a group setting in a way that was actionable and easy to digest thank you. i enjoyed people that think wikis and blogs are fun and that it’s not always technical, it’s fun. you can sprout out ideas and all the connections. i’m sitting in on the closing ceremonies but haven’t been to the main event, i did attend it second life yesterday and started new things… and got to know people in t here. and i’m impressed your’e finiishing with this nice circle. i was totally bummed out i missed all this today! the conference was wonderufl and energizing but draining and intense. and i’m aware instantly of how valueable this kind of space is! wish i hadn’t been so exhausted tired. kaliya: i had two conversations that were really powerful. good strategizing connection with Liza – importance of leadership. thinking of strategy around it. other, about women in tech. i’m really excitied! the registration’s actually there now and i’m working on She’s Geeky for women in tech. 100% women. women who are linux hackers to serious bloggers who are making their css work etc. not about coding but is about engagement with technology. diverse age range. those things are alive for me. making connections to do stuff in the world.

kaliya – scales up, peopel do this for 2000 people.
liz – scales down too. go home and do this in your living room with 10 people and you will have just as much fun.

mine old content and link it to something i’m doing now. remind me where i’ve been, where i’m at now

tara h: kate from the WIP there was no competition, measurement, really-big-blog, everyone on the same level. who wants to talk to scoble. that was so missing!

(I have to say that i have heard more people make fun of robertscoble-worship… hahahah this weekend! no one meant it meanly. but as an iconic “A-list blogger guy who all the guys think is important but no one here cares about or reads and wonders what’s the deal?” )

more talk about connections.

elisa – why not having this as a parallel track? people have been asking.
kaliya – on open space organizers list, people all say it doesn’t work well because people stick with what’s described already. it detracts from the energy.
(more discussion)
kaliya – also hard to go from open to structured. you’re so open and so free and then you can’t adjust. so it is better to end.

spa day unconference to start!
nancy says codepink had a spa day conference!
pedicures and wikis!

debriefing has been very important
it’s like retrospectives in agile – we need to debrief and process and not be alone to do that with. if you come to the conference alone you can’t deal.

being new, alone, tired, whirlwind pace of conference, overwhelming. hard!

The titles are just going to be the same for a while

Well, I could write a whole new post called “A long intense awesome day”. Woke up, did a bunch of work of various kinds, did an errand or two, went to badass mamas coffee with Squid, Jo, Stash, ep, Liz Ditz, and jp. They patted my head and pumped me up, which I sorely needed. I was thinking about how while we have been stay at home moms esp. of preschool kids, our whole ethic and way of being had to revolve around our momune, and around not doing things for money, but doing them for each other and for kids and family so that there is pressure socially to become that way; modesty – service – helping – props for doing that – barter and trade with the philosophy that it will come around eventually even if indirectly. That’s ethical and it is polite and it’s necessary – the integry economy – and it is hard to shift gears to the other kind of economy and economics where there is an actual paycheck.

Then off to … work… er how very weird to say that! Still nothing is quite solid-feeling about it. I think I’m doing something useful, but it’s hard to tell. I’ll feel more certain of the whole thing in a bit, when I have something concrete done to show (Weirdly, I feel like I should have it done already, which is nuts.) I liveblogged the meeting instead, which felt very worth it & helps me pay attention and listen. So, that was intense and I liked that they delved bravely into very difficult conversations and stayed there; the facilitator was excellent… I was impressed by the whole thing. (Though it was obviously painful. As a complete outsider it was easy for me to be detached.) So the funny part is I can’t quite turn off my thinking about the bits of work I’m supposed to be doing and I can see that it will obsess me and kind of eat my life while I dive into it.

Then off to Farley’s cafe where I met A. and C. and we went off to the party at the Guardian which I think was also a benefit for Josh Wolf. I’ll blog about all that… tomorrow? Gah! Time!

I met a woman in the hallway who said I look like her old friend Katherine Smith. Within 30 seconds of admiring each other’s silly hair, I learned that she owns 41 pairs of Hello Kitty underwear. She described how people chat to her online and this one panty-loving guy comes on chat and always asks her “ARE YOU WEARING THEM?!!” And more about her ebay auctions and her flannel HK pajamas. She was awesome. I found the details of the HK thing hilarious and instantly felt a huge gratitude towards the universe that people tell me this sort of thing within a minute of meeting me. How amusing… Also, I love the freaking Internet which makes such things not only possible, but probable. At the Good Vibes table I won a goody bag — RAD… it was a lucky night.

Then went to Borderlands Bookstore & heard most of a talk by Cory D. There was a big crowd and a ton of people bought the book. There’s plenty to say about it, but the main thing that struck me was completely sideways… it was that it was bizarre to be in a roomful of people who seriously look up to B. Sterling and D. Brin and their ideas on futurism or whatever you want to call it. When in the crowd I run with normally it is a given that both of them, while fine writers on many levels, are to be eyerolled at for their legendary annoying sexism that runs rather deep. It wouldn’t even occur to me to pay attention to their ideas on that serious level… I would read C.’s book though. Ran into Shannon Clark and nadyalec (who greeted me “BADGER!” which always gives me a strange thrill as it might be a lurker I’ve never met… but of course I know him… nevertheless… it was sweet.) It is funny that people think I am “badger” and the blog is the bag, or something. Actually “Badgerbag” is a character in the crossing the line ceremony which is a sort of saturnalia; that seemed to fit me and it was also a bit mysterious and opaque to me w/out all the details, which made it even more attractive.

Off then with Xyzzy … & we had a nice time & good conversations. Complexity, sensitivity, a certain sort of lability, disinhibition, perception of and addiction to complexity, insane humor, improvisationalness, and I could go on from there… I AM BEING DISCREET okay people? (Preparing myself for the letters inquiring for detail… ) Discreet! Discretion is my middle name! Badgerina Discretion Hemulen!

Nooooo I don’t want a cold for the best of reasons

Because it’s g.’s birthday tomorrow (party at Citadel) and because a. specially invited me to hang out with her at the lube wrestling pit, where she will be the Pool Monitor. (Lifeguard?) And she says,

I’ll be thinking of you when all the hot women are piled on top of each other in a lubricated kiddie pool, smashing each other against the ground. (My task is to prevent them from “hurting each other”… any idea how on earth i’m gonna pull that off?)

My friend, I think you will need a lifeguard whistle and maybe some terrycloth wristbands to lend authority to your position…Also I suggest one of those paddles made out of “corian” or some other washable material in case you have to discipline anyone who is covered in lube and who is hurting anyone else and needs correction. Also you will need my camera and the password to my flickr account so you can upload everything… And this little notebook so you can get the phone numbers of everyone in the pit… oh wait…


Please let this not be a cold…

Last night I got to the city way early (no traffic.. at all! what happened!) and stopped for coffee at ritual roasters.. and ran into A. and C. there. A. and I talked a bunch about Pan’s Labyrinth and then started madly blogging it. I laughed at her a little later in the evning because she used to be sort of anti-blog and go on about blog drama, but now she’s a convert and the first thing out of her mouth when she hears somehting cool is “OMG I have to blog that!” And she told me an extremely wistful but hilarious story about another person and I wish I could tell it here but I can’t. But I enjoy having those discussions with A. because our minds are somewhat alike in evil amoral diabolicalness, so when I say the sort of thing that makes other people freak out, she just goes “Oh I know! And…” and says something quite similar or even more awful, back. (It involved amput33 p0rrrrn f3tishist seduction techniques.) Another good thing, I am really feeling more comfortable with C. and about everything. We then ran off to the bookstore trying to make it on time and got there 1/2 hour early… the reading time was 7:30 not 7. So I had a great time at the geek book reading, which I liveblogged!

& then went over to Xyzzy’s place b/c we had a date… I had all sorts of good intentions like let’s just hang out and bond with our computers and maybe download some junk, trade music and linux install tips but we ended up behaving with glorious ridiculousness instead and I’ll have to spare you all the details because it’s too fantastically dirty and hot and the entire internet might self-destruct, screaming. You mortals might think of this as “we made out for a while.”

So that’s another good reason of many that I hope I’m not getting a cold…

I also really want to see Pan’s Labyrinth again while it’s still on the big screen and I must see it with Rook! and we have babysitting Sat. (Because I arranged it for g.’s party and am doing reciprocal sleepover tonight) But maybe even with a cold I could see the movie and have a nice date (just calmer and less germ-infesting of one than going to a giant party.) I also really want to take him out to see some events by rose street music crowd, because the times i’ve heard them, they seem like his exact sort of thing (more than mine really).

There will be many “science experiments” with Moomin & his friend … & maybe some cooking of chicken soup… and more organizing/setting up and background reading and installing-of-linux and such… and movie watching… and some working on stuff for the next few classes – all this weekend! Coziness!

Okay I have just a few more hours to finish up this project, send out a bunch of emails for my class, and get everything organized for new work project.

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Liveblogging labor and delivery

A question: has anyone liveblogged their experience of labor and delivery? Obviously at some point you’d have to stop. But surely someone’s given it a good shot? We have such a hunger for the gory birth-story, you’d think that it would have happened.

If not, someone totally should.

Blogging & Feminism

I’m on my way to the Blogging Feminism panel tonight – I’ll liveblog it a little bit over on Composite. Jessica Valenti (feministing), Liza Sabater, (Culture Kitchen), Alice Marwick (Tiara), Lauren Spees, and Michelle Riblett (Hollaback) will be on the panel.

no wireless!

The hotel barely has wireless and I’m way overstimulated, and trying to liveblog this conference in a halfway non-embarrassing way where I don’t spell everyone’s names wrong.

WHEW. So hard! I’ve met a ton of new interesting writers. It’s really gratifying to meet people who remember my work from years ago from a 20 minute reading. My ears were burning for a long time today, in a good way! I was blushing for over an hour!

But also I fucked up the zine and have to withdraw th em and not distribute them and reprint them later. HELL… partly my mistake, partly not… partly just lack of sufficient editing/proofreading collaborative process. I hope I learn from this.

I heard the best thing ever today…. best story! More about this later.

I’m overwhelmed by the whole conference – as usual. Also, having fun staying with Ian who is a really nice and fabulous host!

Overwhelmed by Blogher

I had a great time yesterday. The podcasting workshop was particularly good! I liveblogged it over here. My blogging is a bit slow because my “g” key doesn’t work right. So if anyone is going to the Apple store… I need a small-size iBook G4 keyboard!!! hell!

I am mad at myself for not derailing Marc during the tagging thing and because of my conversation with Chris Heuer, realized I had to go personally talk with Marc. Did that. I’ll write more later. Why can he not see how much space and time he takes up? That, if he’s talking nonstop in a room full of people, interrupting the panelists, answering questions that women in the audience are asking of the panelists, and generally never shutting up about his own rather high theory view of the politics of who owns tagging, then he is *shutting down a different discussion* that would have happened – one where the women in the room might have had a different focus of what they wanted to say. I think next time I will just stand up and say “Marc, love your ideas, but please shut up and let someone else talk now.” It was weird to try to say this to his face, politely and at length and with more clarity than I’m typing it here, and then to see that it just didn’t get into his head. He thought I was disagreeing with what he was saying! No… actually not. But the reaction of much of the room… would have been “wow, sounds complicated, I guess I don’t know very much about this stuff… ” and to ignore the loud bellowing dude.

Anyway. That was my one “annoyed” moment yesterday and otherwise it was all golden.

No, I lie. Some of the marketing stuff was annoying. The “water! for women!” … um. You know how some stuff marketed to women is actually useful, and some of it blows? what can I say… the gm brochure had the tone of “women! can drive!” ??!! and while I like fancy bath stuff, cool, the Saturn stuff was much cooler and had a little memory stick in there. Yes, it’s a tech conference, we might like some tech schwag! you think?

Next year: hot pink ethernet cables in every blogher bag…! instead of diet propaganda and pasties… well no. Actually I like the pasties. They shoudl just make some that look like computer motherboards, and fake chainmail. Then we could run around the conference with robot boobs!

At some point in the afternoon I went all deer-in-the-headlights & ran off to the pool party. The people had temporary tattoos! We all made fun of the “nippies” boob bandaids, but were fighting over them at the same time. I have pink star ones.

Then a strange dreamlike swirl of people talking with me and me only vaguely knowing who anyone was. I showed Daily Dose of Denise my underwear, finally. The >underwear thing was hilarious though I know it must make a large bit of the conference wonder WTF… what’s with the raucous dumbass… “How sad that that girl needs attention so bad she shows everyone her underwear!” No… I just like to be bold and silly.

People kept coming up to me and saying “Badger! come over here! This person wants to interview you!” or suddenly cards would whip out and it would be a Media Person. Talked to McVlog dude – who is he? What? What? For real? Or is he sort of a nut case? Does it even matter? Met Lauren from Feministe, & Lindsay, but was in full-on “stunned by social activity” brain death. I deal with stress or anxiety by silliness – so then I dressed up in a ball gown for SJ and Minnie to push me in the pool.

Barb Dybwad glowing described world of warcraft and its beautiful life-sucking MUDdiness.

Yay, room service is here! SJ and Minnie and Kari and I hung around drunkenly telling stories of jobs we’d had. SJ had one at a Lone Star Cafe where whenever a certain song played, about a woman getting run over by a train, they’d have to get up on the tables and do a little choo-choo dance. In short-shorts. Another one of us was fired from Chevy’s because her skirt was too short, though she was required to wear this low-cut hoochie-mama off-the-shoulder “Mexican wedding” shirt. “My Humps” played on repeat. Minnie’s a belligerent, punchy, funny drunk. “Where’s my room key! What the fuck are you looking at! The fuck!”

I haven’t been able to blog much because I’ve been talking nonstop. SJ and I explained the endings of our first marriages to each other at 7am. It’s intense here all the time!