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Hello world!

I’m moving this blog to WordPress finally, from its old home at, where it moved in 2004 or 2005 from The 2003-2004 comments are mostly lost.

My current blogging is at,, and

Video game sports commentary

BoB has just been pwnd on a whole other level, but as I read about that, I came across this amazing video!

I love games, that is an incredibly beautiful space battle, and the commentators are great even though I can’t understand 90% of the words coming out of their mouth. Would anyone care to explain the strategy of what happened here, in plain language?

Did inferior ships from the opposing group, Star Fraction (the Thoraxes) just gang up cleverly and rush the more powerful ships? What happened? I would like the Osprey guide to this epic & famous battle, with diagrams and maps, the order of battle, etc!

Geek out at BlogHer Boston and DC

This weekend I’m flying out to Boston and DC for two BlogHer conferences. I can’t wait to meet new people and the women I already know! Every feminist conference I go to is super inspiring and this is one where it is totally normal to have your laptop going at all times, so at dinner there you are with 10 other chicks typing like maniacs in between the laughing our asses off, insane gossip, politics politics politics, book recommendations, and WordPress plugin tips.

erin feeling the computer love

Here’s my talk, which i will just keep on thinking of as “Quick Blog Overhaul” though it is really called “Blogging Basics: 6 Steps to Personalize, Polish & Promote Your Blog“. It will be a brief talk and then we’ll split into small groups to do the hands-on workshop stuff.

Join BlogHer’s {{Badger Hemulen}} and a team of subject-matter experts for a quick and effective blog makeover. Let’s look at your blog, whether you’ve got one post up or 100, and give it some love. Liz will explain 6 simple steps you can take to give your blog a tune-up, and then we’ll break into small groups to try out some of what you’ve learned. These 6 steps can help clarify to your readers who you are and what you write. Whether you use WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, or any other platform – you and your platform are welcome.

  • Personalize: Danielle Henderson will work with you make sure your readers know how to identify and reach you…and that you feature your community, so they can also see themselves. In addition she’ll work with you to learn how to add images, or even audio and video, to show who you are.
  • Polish: Megan Garnhum will cover the basic geeky ingredients that add up to a truly functional, findable, fabulous blog. Learn about appropriate, search-friendly hyperlinking, tagging…why and how, and even about headlines and why they matter.
  • Promote: Alissa Kriteman will help you learn how (and why) to put your post on BlogHer, Twitter, Kirtsy, Digg,, Reddit, Stumbleupon, other social sites.

  • Then there are the parties!

    I can’t help it. Women get in my lap. What can I say?

    In DC I’ll be doing the same workshop with a different set of local bloggers:

  • Personalize: Veronica “Roni” Noone will make sure your readers know how to identify and reach you…and that you feature your community, so they can also see themselves. In addition she’ll work with you to learn how to add images, or even audio and video, to show who you are.
  • Polish: Andrea Meyers (well known for Andrea’s recipes) will cover the basic geeky ingredients that add up to a truly functional, findable, fabulous blog. Learn about appropriate, search-friendly hyperlinking, tagging…why and how, and even about headlines and why they matter.
  • Promote: Kristen King will help you learn how (and why) to put your post on BlogHer, Twitter, Kirtsy, Digg,, Reddit, Stumbleupon, other social sites.

  • There will be too many awesome people there for me to name them all but I’m going to be super happy to get to hang out with Beth Kanter, Candelaria Silva, Erin Kotecki Vest, Laurie White, superfantabulous feminist geek Shireen Mitchell, and of course my friend Sarah Dopp, the BlogHer founders, and my co-workers like Kristy who are fantastic bloggers and who I see practically every day but don’t get to hang out or really talk blogging because we are WORKING WORKING WORKING.

    So, along with all that, I get to see my main partner in crime, editorial and geeky soul sister forever, Laura Quilter and my awesome brilliant ex and good friend M.M. and their new baby! You have no idea how excited I am. Actually it’s worse than that. Last time I got to be with Quilter and then had to leave I sobbed for an hour in the car. I will have to drown my sorrows after I leave their house, on Friday night in bloggity sisterhood in the Boston Burlington Marriott hotel bar.

    On Sunday I’m flying to Baltimore, renting a car, and sloping off to see my grandma on the Eastern Shore. I haven’t seen her in years or my uncle either. I got to hang out with her for about a day when Moomin was 2 or 3. Other than that it is all little cards twice a year and I usually lose her $25 check and am a very awful person and never write back. I regret not being very close with my extended family but that’s the truth of it. I think of them very fondly, but in actual practice, there is not much of a relationship.

    Then glorious Blogheristas on Monday again in DC! Or, really, Bethesda!

    On Tuesday before my plane leaves I want to go find my friend lavendertook and hang out at her funky local internet cafe and co-op – then it’s back home where I’ll collapse into a little travel-weary puddle.

    I know it is sort of boasty but I would like to say not for the first time that I am proud of myself for going on giant trips in my wheelchair and just kind of facing it down. I get unnerved sometimes. That feeling to me is a red flag that means I MUST DO WHATEVER THE THING IS. In general I’m walking pretty well, but after hours on an airplane, I won’t be and my ability to walk isn’t predictable especially with travel. Walking, who needs it? It’s more the exhaustion and being demoralized by pain that gets me. Still, consider the allure of jetting into town, renting a car, and the open road! Could go anywhere! (But probably won’t.) Now is the time!

    If you live in those areas and haven’t registered for the conferences, think about it, there’s still time, it’s only $100 for an all day conference with food and a cocktail party. & well worth it for learning stuff, meeting great people, the massive, massive hit of inspiration from hanging with other women writers and bloggers and geeks and people putting their ideals into practice, “networking”, and last but not least huge fun.

    Tell It Like It Is award

    I’d just like to take a moment to appreciate the bloggers who do not hold back and who say what they’re thinking. I used to do this much more and then I got all boring and square and circumpsect.

    I’m thinking of giving a totally unofficial spontaneous blog Award! Complete with a little badge!

    The “Tell It Like It Is” award!

    Right now I’m looking at you, Totally Rosalie and you, Just my Life! You crack me up! Just My LIfe, I will totally never forget your whole deal with your Mom In Law and the swimming pool and also how your awesome husband comes home and falls asleep in the damned recliner and snores and you have to all tiptoe around. Also, “busier than a cat covering shit” is my new favorite expression. Seriously I read your blog and tears leak out of my eyes as I laugh hysterically and you are the blogger I most want to do tequila shots with as we bitch about all the stuff in our lives.

    Now I have to get it together to create a funny little badge thing for people to stick on their blogs!

    A city’s soul and a fat rant

    For the next three weeks I’ll be traveling around! London, Brussels, Budapest, then London again. See you at Global Voices / Open Tech ! I’ve packed really well for the trip!

    My tiny computer is very cute! I am still setting it up, but now it has functioning wireless and ubuntu on it! I described the process of installing eeebuntu on it!

    Here’s a very lovely blog I came across thanks to paraleipsis, beautiful & inspiring & clean & messy all at once, really a poet of vignettes & cities:

    One of the things i like about this city ( and of course i didnt like everything, you can see in many ways how spoiled many americans are) is that being direct is a quality, its just an arrow that goes directly to your heart, somethimes you say ouch!! now THATS a quality, If you are like that you skip many many problems on the way. They have created the city of either you are strong, direct and fast or you are dead, and self consciusness is high .

    I liked the photos and thoughts on all those rusting things, and also when he goes to be a fireman for one week in a fireman class and thinks, Fuck Art, this is much better.

    Every once in a while I come across a stranger’s blog and fall in love a little bit. Today I’m in also in love with Joy Nash and her Fat Rant #3:

    I have a big juicy blog crush on justmylife and her dilemmas over her mom in law and swimming in the pool, and how her husband comes home from driving his concrete mixing truck and falls asleep in the recliner, and her potty mouthed bitching which I totally identify with and do all the time about every detail of my life complete with detail and overanalysis. There is something about the totally honest way she writes about the complexity of her extended family and daily life that I really admire. I think she is the secret-blog-friend I would most enjoy hanging out with in real life of all the hundreds of blogs I have seen in the last two months in my new job! She makes me miss Texas a bit… though I don’t know where she is…

    Today in Actual Real non-blog life I dropped Moomin off with my friend SuperT (You remember her from WoolfCamp?) and her son Hamster; I worked like a dog; I then had a nice gossipy lunch with Sarah and then we had a supposedly 1 hour meeting which was so productive we just kept going for several more hours. We do work well together! And she is a fantastic project manager! We were on the same wavelength or something and just cut through all sorts of confusions, design issues, usability, and all that stuff.

    Then I drove back hauling ass through massive traffic to pick up Moomin and I got to hang out a little bit with SuperT! I gave her a cd with mashups and I showed her how to make music playlists in iTunes and how to organize bookmark toolbar in Safari! A little computer help is a birthday present too! We sat and sweated and talked about our lives! I miss hanging out with her.

    And of course I am still completely fascinated by the Obama with roses and unicorns. I would totally get this airbrushed on my truck if I still had a truck. Hello! He’s ejaculating roses! He has sparkles! What is he holding in his hand, I can’t tell?

    CISWY reading in Seattle, this weekend!

    Liz Reading at Queer Open Mic
    Originally uploaded by Liz.

    I am road tripping up to Seattle this week! If you are there please come see me at this event ! I would love to see you all and would love the support. April 25, 8pm, Annex Theatre, 1100 East Pike Street.

    You will hear me say the word “Lezzie” in a Texas accent. Also, I promise to wear leather pants.

    Can I Sit W/You reading

    Tickets are priced at $5 and $12, which means you can choose how much to donate.

    Trashy fic and pulp novels

    The other day I heard someone use the word “internets” without irony.

    So, on my internets I just read a fabulous fic where the Mary Sue gets pregnant with Peter Pettigrew’s make-out child and what’s her name the Hogwarts school nurse gives her a magic morning after pill. Thank you internets!

    Sigoury hated transfiguration like she hated brussle sprouts. With a vengeance. She had an emabarrasing talk with Madam Pompfrey and was given a book on contraceptive spells. She wanted nothing more than to be in her boyfriends arms. Boyfriend. Merlins pants she loved that word like she loved Divinitation. A lot.

    Merlins pants I love how little kids write! Go, little kids! Keep at it!

    For my more “literary” reading I am totally rolling in space opera pulp fiction. Deathstalker is a juicylicious heap of cliches laid on so thick it’s like first reading Tarzan or Conan books. Everything happens just as you’d think it would. If there’s a moment where it’d be good if a thing walked into the door with a disruptor pistol in its hand, IT WILL, and it will be surrounded by curling mists and street thugs wearing scanty tattered furs. Atmosphere is thick. Nothing really happens for a reason good enough to hold up in narrative court. It’s that way because it plays out well. Like, everyone has space blasters, but they are powered by narrative rechargium or something, so that between shots they take a few minutes to crystal up again. Is there any coherent feeling to why everyone would freaking have uselessanium-rechargium powered guns? Duh of course not! It’s just to give a vague reason for why everyone carries cool giant swords! BLAST BLAST HACK BLEED GACK DIE.

    It gets good because it’s so over the top. Its pleasure is a lot like the pleasure of movie cliches that are instantly trite the moment they spring into existence, like the seedy bar in Star Wars full of all the different aliens in the spaceport. Instant cliche!

    I like the relentless description of atmospheric battle and how it goes on forever. It is vivid and sort of coloring-book simple the way my imagination was when I was 9 and lying awake in bed at night thinking about spaceships and planetary invasions.

    The hatch slid open. Bright crimson light spilled into the airlock along with the heavy humid air of the jungle. It smelled of rotting meat. And then everything in the world tried to get through the hatch at once. There were huge ferocious things with teeth and claws and glaring eyes, fighting each other for the chance to get in. There were smaller things that seemed to be all teeth and claws pouring over the lower edge of the airlock in waves. There were flying things and lashing tendrils of vegetation with vicious spines and barbs, and it all wanted to get in. There were screams and roars and ululating howls, echoing deafeningly in the confined space of the airlock.

    A long tentacled thing surged toward Owen, and he shot it automatically. The energy blast hit the beast at point-blank range, and its head exploded, showering him with foul-smelling blood. Something with huge clawed hands and a mouth bigger than Owen’s head hauled the tentacled body out of the way and hurled itself at Owen. He met it with his sword, and more blood spurted as he cut deep into the leathery flesh.

    “Shut the hatch!” he screamed. “Shut the bloody hatch!”

    Honest to god it was a pleasure to type that.

    The alien cities have terribly WRONG geometry described with vague Lovecraftiness. If someone isn’t dealing with a Thing walking in the door with a gun in its tentacle, then they’re sitting there explaining their Evil Plot or their Dark Secret to themselves. Endless dark secrets and intrigues, Things and swords and cyberspace, AIs, rogue hidden planets, the Darkvoid (when I mentioned it to Rook, he snickered and said, “Is that darkvoid as in all one word darkvoid?” and yes it is!) The hacker revolutionary “cyberrats” are inexplicably all teenagers. Clones walk around sort of like synchronized swimmers with a group of their clone-siblings, in matching outfits. There are gladiators. If there is a secret meeting, it’s in a lair in the sewers and they are the exaggerated Ur-sewers of all time. Empresses and aristocrats are unabashedly decadent as they pretty much eat live kittens for breakfast along with glanded drug battle symphonies and the fresh blood of hapless orphans. Espers are neurotic; their heads frequently explode.

    The Darkvoid. The darkness beyond the Rim.


    I was super happy with the many women characters who were interesting and tough and not described in the common annoying way that makes their main personality trait or characteristic “rapability”. Till about page 200 this pleased me very well. Then it started to wear a bit at the seams. And does not pass Bechdel test. Still! Really not bad at all!

    The character names are great too – they are all named things like Jack Random and Captain Silence, Ruby Journey, Kid Death, Valentine Wolfe. I think it’s hilarious.

    Last year I tried to get the happy rush that I used to have a s a kid while reading cheesy Michael Moorcock fantasy novels, and I picked up some random Elric book but either his early prose has become unbearable to me or it was just the wrong Elric book for that time of the month, because I couldn’t get past page 10. I wondered if perhaps the innocent pleasures of incredibly cheesy pulp were lost to me forever now that I’m middle aged, jaded, and have had too much grad school. BUT NO. It has all come tearing in through the airlock.

    BlogHer notes, Saturday

    Keynote with Annalee, Esther, Rashmi, and Elisa moderating

    women worldwide blogging – georgia from global voices
    70% US internet penetration trinidad/tobago X% india 4% often blogging in english b/c india has so many regional languages.

    snigdh – talking about india and etc.

    juliana – kenya – high literacy rate – net penetration 3% . kenyan blogs webring. started by a person who every time he started looking for kenyan blogs he found tourist blogs. now are 460+ bloggers in the webring. Mzalendo. She put together a political watchdog site with free open source software. wordpress plus database for all the bills, qustions from constituents, politicians come on and answer the questions. very powerful. and she could do this because of open source software!

    Lisa Williams asks if traditional media follow it. Juliana says not so much. they are aware of it but they don’t follow. no specific stories about constituencies. the media is a bit slow to understand what it is. they would do well to pay better attention and see all the information and (what people care about) Citizen volunteers go and attend parliamentary sessions.

    Amira from GV – baharainigirl – heheheh I love how she oepend by saying “who knows where bahrain is”. Self-censorship. respect authority, elders, culture, rule of law however corrupted it is. you dont want to end up in jail or be a dissident or be sent into exile. you’re better off just keeping quiet. that’s why i started blogging anonymously.
    What ti’s like to be a blogger dissident. people put up a little banner… free whoever… every day there is a new story…. but we don’t know what happened to them . we’re on the rain.

    lisa: so are you still anonymous?

    amira : no… but i do self-censor. i dont call any names or say anything…. what good would it do me to end up in jail?

    amy gahran – book about Iran – independent comunications – fax machines and cassette tapes – wherever there is not a tradition of free media – then blogging and etc. have more power than they seem to have in a more open media culture.

    amira – in canada i could find only cel phones that are from 10 years ago and in bahrain they are amazing — we are years ahead of you in technology … We have technology what we dont ahve is access to information. what we don’t have is freedom to transmit this information. what we dont have is freedom of choice or freedom of speech in a way that when you stand up to say something you have this fear, will my father or mother get punished? we don’t want to do that to our families.

    georgia – in trini radio is very powerful, local media. across borders the power (of new tech) is really felt. cell phones spread fast in south africa for example because the infrastructure of other phones wasn’t htere. the western hemisphere has that infrastructure so new stuff has less pressure to spread.

    snigdh – more on self censorship. and men being first to get the technology. if there’s one computer at home it’s like, the man is using it. access, computers cheaper, that’s important. women need to have other things on their mind, making t hemselves independent, jobs, educate children. blogging is still a luxury for a lot of people.

    georgia – rural women?

    snigdh – here’s the fun part. rural women taking to tech faster than the men. a reason behind this, if you want to bring about any change, you have to target the women. they are more focused, disciplined, want the change to happen. if they educate themselves they educate themselves. they dont usually blow all the resources on liquor and all that. the rural banks lend money only to women… 80% of the internet kiosks and cybercafes in rural india are run by women who will get up at 6:30 am and go to work and be there and keep it open.

    kimberly (kane) women’s consortium working with the UN global conference etc. our commitment is … uhhhh i am lost. a convergence of the women of the world… gather the communicators of the world. radio, etc is a huge part of it.

    I cannot tell if this woman is for realz or is a bit bonkers.

    I’m a bit stunned by her being like “CAN YOU TEACH US OH DIVERSE WOMEN while I have this diversity in front of me” . what, like right now this minute? did she now have any knowledge of who to ask before right now…?

    Juliana – Send iphones. Sidekicks. they are perfect for Africa nad developing world. wireless ahs a much greater footprint in the developing world. etc. think of using gprs enabled devices.

    “well while you are here in front of me i just want to know … and you know Hugh and i just realized you are not at the table so why is that and you should be at the table and … Now you are.”

    er thanks?


    I open my big mouth to say “probably you should go look for bloggers in various countries and invite them to participate.” i am a bit incredulous but on the other hand this is how rich people operate i guess.

    amira – don’t ask the government, ask the bloggers individually.

    snigdh – the first barrier you are going to face is language. hindi doesnt help that is just the north really and if you want the solar tech and all that you will need a point person to translate b/c there will be a local language. you want to reach out to women making a difference in their villlages you will need help… they relaly know how the villages work. they have networks who take their business and communicate…. hugely helpful. i would love to say go to the blogs but i am not confident the women blogging are the women you want to engage. they already have a lot of access and know english and are urban etc. education and means. if you are looking at microchanges then, language will be important.

    woman from audience talks about her trip to south afrrica for a wedding, but, she talked to every waitress, room maid in hotel, everyone she met, and she got their emails, they are refugees from all over africa, they had such smart well informed political opinions, i told them all about blogs, they said thank you this could give me my freedom of speech, i said you have it already. we email and they are so busy and work and school… maybe at blogher we should just go overseas and (do blog evangelism) I want to be part of the solution but I need direction. I dont know what to do or say with it.

    Juliana – maybe we should go back a little bit. peopel talk about poverty in africa etc. we want to let you know there is a lot of growth. there is expertise within africa…. there is linuxchix africa.

    beth kanter and liz: YAY linuxchix!

    Juliana: african speakers talking about how to change africa. african solutions for african problems. If you want to help africans, partner or work parallel with africans. support their ideas. trade, trade, trade. money and capital in the hands of women has a very transformative power. your specific question about how to support the women you met… get them to organize regionally., browse, select specific country. you can see what bloggers are saying in that country. they could join that country.

    Victoria from Now public. posting on a site like now public? citizen journalism aspect? more comfortable there or writing it in a newspaper? than in a radio?

    georgia: you mean that question for the panelists?

    amira – it’s a question of balancing. a positive thing and then exposing the truth and suck up a little bit and hit them again. it depends when i did my latest stunt. am i safe to pull another stunt just now or…?

    WOW… Afrigator totally rocks!!!

    Questions from Beth Kanter, etc

    Good answers from Snighdh . how to help. Read stuff from other countries! Comment, say where you are from. Link to them. The government, media, pay attention. Govt is wary because now they know people are looking.

    person behind me from The Provide the platform. Safety. etc.

    me: have you talked with the EFF… *card and url exchange*

    snigdh — rural areas are hardest and also language barriers…. video is good for that.

    kristine fromm google – it’s hard to hear these stories without coming to conferences like this… when i tell my company what i learned from blogher – what do you want them to hear?

    Free consulting rooolz! maybe google shoudl HIRE some diverse women from all over the world to tell them some of these things!

    juliana: tools incredible, get them too more people blogging, getting more people blogging. bloggers conference for women, an outreach program. funding. fund us in africa.

    amira – Not to bend to pressure from governments!

    snigdh – google blocked a lady’s site about childbirth because it was deemed a porn site in india – what’s the point if they block. languages, gadgets, wikis, widgets, anything, get more people blogging in their own languages.

    georgia – localization. don’t cave in to government. tools. funding for our projects.

    juliana – support african business, startups, innovative women working in that space. twitter-like tools for mobile, for election monitoring. more support for the ideas we already have.

    snigdh – text messages like crazy. cell phone texting is huge.

    lunch w annalee needed her as sort of refuge as she is relaxing to be with

    silenced voices panel went okay i think!

    then i stumbled into the unbloggable panel. i wish that guy had not walked in and stayed. i did not have a lot of trust there. even if he is someone’s partner in the group. it is a women’s blogging conference and a confidential panel. and on a topic that it is problematic for men to be there. I suggested he leave. s. said he needed to speak personally. but him just being there made the conversation change and be more defensive and closed. and the fact that he had no sensitivity or diffidence towards it being problematic for him to be there meant i especially didn’t want him there. instead, some women left. and that is what happens. I stayed and it was still good.

    hanging int he woolfcamp corner with deb roby, jenijen, sarah d! HI GRACE WE MISS YOU!!!!! We miss you lots.


    elizabeth edwards talking about universal health care, civil rights/marriage for queers, education. it’s so awesome when she uses an actual technical or internetty term. hahahha!

    man there’s like 100 people here that I know that i still haven’t talked with even to say hi…

    Wiscon hallways and rooms

    It’s unbearably fun and exciting to see everyone! Met Karen Healy, tekanji, Lisa Fortuner, Rachel Edidin, Revena… they are all going to dress up (Birds of Prey, etc) and I will be Oracle! Rad. Now if someone can just help me find a red wig of some sort before Sunday night! perfect costume idea! I have to say I was filled with squeaky joy just at being the presence of some of the greatest feminist comics bloggers… Howver I’m going to just kind of pretend I’m not an ardent fan and be all casual HAHAHAA right of course we’re just hanging out *buffing fingernails casually on shirt* Naamen and I talkd some more smack on Mccaffrey and others!

    stuffed packets and badges all afternoon – with penny and others – low key was all i could take. Met niall, graham, liz, other brits. Niall, Tempest, awfully cute.

    I enjoyed the short but sweet Guest of Honor readings at Room of One’s Own. Then, dinner with Debbie, Jeanne, oursin….. Talked about archiving Wiscon stuff. Talked more about that later in a triumviraga hanging-out but we need to have our real meeting tomorrow morning (11… with food maybe…) Ian hung out, we talked about CB stuff and geek things, and he did the nicest deep tissue massage on my painful foot and calf. It is very painful. Basically I have drop foot going down on that side. I didn’t really know it was so painful. In the morning i showed Naamen Twitter and Inform7 and we talked about books.

    So anyway I need a wordpress plugin that would let us link right from the Feministsf blog right to the wiki with wiki-like markup. talked about little-known books. Quilter had quite a few.

    I worry that my fancy dresses for the parties are not quite outrageous enough! Oh no!

    But yay, tomorrow I will talk wikis with them, say some things about how to moderate, and will then hang with Milo and John, do a handoff to babysitter, do the touch/don’t touch panel, then flirt at late night parties all over the place.

    the wiki talk will start out very basic and as hands on as we can manage. What is a wiki. Edit. save. add stuff. make a link. make lists, lists, lists. leave categories till later. we need a fsfwiki camp Maybe feminist wiki camp! wikiwomen comp…. womcamp?

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    Grading on the plane

    Ohhhhh I’m so tired and hurty!

    Moomin watched TV the entire plane ride. Rook hung out feeling airsick and ill. I figured out grades according to a lovely system that I wish I’d established right from the start of class! I assigned points to all the waffly grades of A, B+, C, etc. I gave to major papers, and I figured out a way to deal with the homework and in-class writings that were graded like check, minus, plus, and sometimes “++++!!!” or with comments like “okay” or “fabulous”. Those minor assignments were all lumped together for 10% of the grade. If they missed a few, it was okay. If they did all of them, the extras over a particular threshold count for extra credit. There was also an extra credit assignment. We did two practice exams — well actually three — and I took the best grade of the last two as a paper. Exams and research papers were 20% each. Don’t worry – it all makes sense in my spreadsheet.

    That still left me with some vagueness about “participation” and attendance. I think it worked out well, so that you could have made a C+ on the final, but still through lots of effort, make an A in the class — but only with extra effort and by doing quite well on almost everything. You could also have missed a major paper and still (maybe) make an A. For community college I think that is quite fair, but if it were grad school or an upper division class then I would not think it right.

    Then… being in great physical misery… I started going through the Wiscon book and while reading it also making an index of names, books, magazines, and concepts. I could slam this index up on the wiki with links. I love indexes. In my reading and research I always study them and think about how they were made and what the philosophy was. And a nonfiction book without an index makes me sad. As I go through the book — which is fabulous by the way and I wish it were longer — I get a little frisson of satisfaction every time a guy refers to a guy. I just leave that out. If a guy ever cites a woman in this book I’ll make sure to give that its own special category. Or I could do the thing that is done so often in history books… give them a special index entry. “Men, citing women science fiction writers, 600; place in society, 592; arrogators of authoritative knowledge, 594-5; fathers, 231; interrupters, 599; Wonder Woman’s boyfriend, 12.” Hahaha no srsly I love dudes. I’m just snarking a little. The thing that is really lovely to note & one of the best things about being at Wiscon: women referring to other women and expecting that others listening will know who is meant. So as I read I’m obsessing some more on canon, girl canon, expectations, shared knowledge, who is considered essential, what is current – i.e. the way that Maul kept coming up last year, not just because it was great but because it got some buzz from the Tiptree short list but the sort of slow buzz to where it takes a while for people who would very much care to catch up and read it.

    Oh and this morning I woke up super early and was too much in pain to deal with reality till coffee and celebrex kicked in. so I laid in bed reading blogs and I read N.K. Jemison and K. Tempest’s post and Tobias Buckell’s post with its crazy-making million comments o’ cluelessness and all I can say is some people need to be doing a little googling of “white guilt”… or something… How embarrassing… for fuck’s sake! N.K. being vastly patient… though I noticed the attempt at boundaries like “no actually i would not like to have an endless conversation with you b/c (polite) you are too clueless about race and it will be too enraging and a total energy suck” and then hey presto, teh ENDLESS THREAD where the educating tries to happen on about 50 fronts. I have certainly done that same thing about gender issues. You have to just tell yourself that some of it might take but it can be a while. Exposure some ideas… then back slowly away and go do something more fun… while the gears churn on their own. So as I read all this I became nostril-flaringly enraged and sputtery. Then I had to go catch a plane.

    if i hear one more white person doing all that shit… i will scream… no *ahem* I will just point it out. Nicely. Without being condescendingly nice either. Or will go hey shutup okay because you’re hijacking, making it all about you, defensively explaining about the prejudice your irish grandma experienced in the factory in 1919, telling someone to just work harder and there is no prejudice in X industry, they just must not have been good enough yet, all of them en masse ….holy fuck… unbelievable! Anyone who says “colorblind” or “reverse racism” or explains how they can’t be racist because their cousin’s ex-husband is black, I am going to yell BINGO and start giggling uncontrollably. You know what, I don’t expect to deal with that sort of shit on the feminism/gender front at wiscon. And when I do I just laugh at it and really… so do all the cool women there. Who are rolling their eyes and laughing even if the dudes don’t see it, which they so often don’t. And I also don’t expect to deal with that about race and racism. I have higher expectations of this community. Racism exists. Deal with it don’t deny it. god… I am just not in the mood to be all patient about it at the moment. On the other hand I would try harder if it would take some of the heinousness out of our hallways. “Let’s try to make our community less embarrassingly clueless sounding”… now there’s a rousing slogan.

    I cling to a vague hope about existing institutions (like SFWA, which I don’t know beans about and am vaguely some kind of supporting member of and sometimes read the magazine… but frankly the whole technopeasant thing? Whatever… that made me not care about them… if they tolerate that kind of utter fool in their upper ranks for so long do I want to mess with that? No!) but even so have to agree with N.K. that it is just NICER and more hopeful to put energy into other things. So rather than join SFWA and kiss ass on a lot of smug old men who think they are powerful and important… I have had a lot more fun feeling like a small part of the Cabal and also doing all the blog and wiki stuff with Quilty. Again it is about building alternate structures of value and importance rather than buying into whatever the old-institution’s values are… patriarchal procrustean bed… screw it!

    The thing is I just don’t believe in that kind of power… until it kills me I won’t… and not even then. Seriously, to hell with all that!

    done way too much research to believe in it! Read too many dickweeds from 1910 who pompously explain why women can’t write with maybe one exception who is 22 and really hot and neurotic too and then who goes and kills herself! And then everyone says what a shame the only woman who knew how to write and play ball with the big boys! and then I find out (as with the guatemalan poets and such) that there were all these OTHER women who had their own networks of newspapers and magazines and writing and reading circles and who were “bohemian” in some unspecified way. BUT… the ones who end up in the history books are the ones who get Juan Ramon Jimenez (insert your own Famous Guy Writer) to write them a book preface. Because the guys who write the history and criticism books don’t care what women did unless a famous guy paid attention to it for even one second. If you like you can look at 18th and 19th century british lady novelists. same pattern. commercial success, building own community… only room for one token chick at the top while a hundred mediocre old guys continue their own club where they hog all the presumption of “real” value or “doing it right”. So that dynamic… frankly… does not seem all that different to me. I don’t think we’ve come that much further than that. I ahve also read those same women 100 or 200 years ago all tenatively happy that Now things are different and always will be. just like we do sometimes. oh it’s so different now that… oh… 30% of whatever is by women… so now we can rest assured that it’s fixed! Is it? I don’t trust that, but that’s what I want to work towards. If not… then what i’ve said before about at least establishing findable caches of information and once future women stumble across them then they’re in… and can find everything.

    We’ll build our own standards and cultural referents and reading lists and markets and awards. And SF does not belong to “them”… clueless old dudes who think they have it made… Guys like that technopeasant ranter guy. What a wanker! That guy is exactly the sort of self-important weenie who puts people off of SF in general.


    So anyway I’m in Chicago.

    I’m very hurty and tired and took some muscle relaxants (finally: holding out all day) and small children are running around all over and my brother in law wants help with his Internet. I think Rook is doing the Internet helping part thank god. Moomin stepped on my foot catastrophically and I thought I was going to scream and my foot is bad even through the drugs. Not his fault… But ugh! It hurts! He was so good on the plane, as always.

    My nephew and niece were super excited and ran to me for hugs yelling “I missed you!!!” So hell! I had better get them some good presents to come back with next week!!! I want to be the cool auntie who brings presents! I watched from the porch as they hunted rabbits and did stomp r0ckets. my bro-in-law brought me some electrical tape to stripe up my wheelchair, which I have been longing to do! so now I have pink and black stripes.

    We had some fun moments in the airport going down ramps with Moomin in my lap. The airport thing went okay this time, better than last time. Maybe Frontier is nicer than that other airline… because all the airline clerks and people looked at me and spoke to me directly (rather than to the person standing next to me.) That might also be that I looked meaner and bitchier today so they were running scared.

    I am craving exercise… So the ramps up were good too. I think I might start lifting weights. My triceps are getting huge from the chair. I want my biceps to match.

    Oh! Rook is completing his Internet Help session (success! domain name moved! SMTP server found and changed!) with a hearty dose of lolcats education!