Writing projects

* WisCon Chronicles Volume 3: Carnival of Feminist SF (2009) Order from Aqueduct Press or other online bookstores.

* Introduction to Toward an Anthology of Spanish American Women Poets, 1880-1930 , by Liz Henry, May 2005 Plain TextPDF (153 K)

* The full text of the anthology, with poems in Spanish and English translations, and short biographies of each poet, and an extensive bibliography: Toward an Anthology of Spanish American Women Poets, 1880 – 1930, by Liz Henry.

* English translation of poems by Nestor Perlongher, PDF (115K) (Listen to Perlongher reading Cadáveres aloud in Spanish (4.2 MB mp3 file)

* English translation of Carta de viaje by Elvira Hernández. PDF, 139K.

* Cuts From the Barbershop, 2003. Anthology of SF Bay Area poets edited by Liz Henry, Robert Pesich, and Sanja K. Pesich. with Audio CD of the poets reading aloud. Poems and Translations by Steve Arntsen, Janel Burnett, David Cummings, Jay Darrow, Greg Hall, Liz Henry, Sanja K. Pesich, Walter Martin, Yehudit Oriah, Robert Pesich, Brenda Simmons, JC Watson.

* Four Poems of Longing by Juana de Ibarbourou, translated by Liz Henry. Tollbooth Press.

* Woodbird Jazzophone – a poem in 3 parts, by Liz Henry. Tollbooth Press, 2002.
* artless – poems by Liz Henry, 2005.
* Mother Frankenstein
* Short – poems by Liz Henry, 2002.
* careless motorcycle

* Composite: Multiple Translations.
** Issue #1: “Recueillement” by Charles Baudelaire. 11 translations by 10 translators. (2003).
** Issue #2: “Fusión” by Juana de Ibarbourou. 14 translations by 13 translators. (2005).
**Issue #3: “Ghoneh” by Forugh Farrokhzad. 6 translators in search of a poem. (2006).

Un ángel al borde del volcán ardiendo by Zulema Moret, French translation by Alejandro Maudet, English translation by Liz Henry. Fundación Senda / Ediciones VOX, Buenos Aires/Barcelona. 2007.

* Mandala: Tales of the Golden Doll. Poems by Yehudit Oriah, translation by Yehudit Oriah and Liz Henry. 2003. (this was published in Israel but I don’t have the information.) (text in Hebrew and English, with audio files in Hebrew and English.)

* Hot Air: Essays on Poetics – a little pompous but it’s where I was at. 2003.

* Building a Digital Feminary, project on Monique Wittig, 2003

* Florentino y el Diablo, English translation, 2000. Poem by Alberto Arvelo Torrealba. Introduction and end notesEnglish translation of Florentino y el DiabloCover to the booklet. You can listen to the poem and song Florentino y el Diablo here (19MB mp3 file).

1998-2000: Various experential/interactive fiction works, including MUD areas based on the Mahabharata, Dante’s Inferno, Dream of Red Mansions, and The Golden Compass.

1990-1998: Various zines. Poems.

1986-1989: Voices from Underground zine, broken glacier, Ratatosk (magazine)

Liz Henry, 2009
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